Bed Scrunchie Review 2022 – Is it Right for You?

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I have a bad habit while sleeping. In my bed, I never sleep straightly. Sometimes I turned and tossed in my bed so much that I can’t keep my sheet in a place. So, I was looking for a product that can keep my bedsheet tangled free. A few days back I went to one of my friends and saw that the bed is perfectly tightened like a hotel room. I lied on the bed spend time gossiping but the bed sheet remains the same. I was so surprised that I wanted to know the secret.

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The secret reveals with a name called Bed Scrunchie. I was thinking about what it is actually and how this product keeps the bed so tangled free. To redeem my curiousness, I purchased a Bed Scrunchie. What I experienced after using it will tell you in my Bed Scrunchie Review in detail. Let’s find out how this tightening system actually works and keep the bed straight & clean.

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  • Strength Bungee Cord
  • Fabric Clips
  • Wheel Lock
  • 360- Degree Hold
  • Compatible
  • Easy Set-Up

What Is Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed tightening system that keeps your bed wrinkle-free. With this locking system product, you can keep your bed more professional and cleaner like a hotel room. The fabric clips of the Bed Scrunchie help to keep the sheet attached to the mattress.

What Is Bed Scrunchie

It has a bungee cord that helps to loosen or tighten the sheets whatever you need. The parachute strength of the cord will never lose the grip and it can hold up to 500lbs.  To keep the Bed Scrunchie in place the wheel lock works strongly. Also, to keep everything in a place a patented buckle works.

These whole components work together and make the bed perfect. Now you will not get the tangled bed anymore if you use it on your bed. Besides the Bed Scrunchie is washable and durable enough to use for a longer period of time. Within a budget, this is a great bedsheet tightener for the customer. Not only the bed you can also adjust it on the couch or any other area where you want to keep your sheet perfect.

Special Features of Bed Scrunchie

Bed Scrunchie is a great savior for the people like me that turning & tossing on the bed all night. The sheet gets messy after a while. But when I started using this the sheet is perfectly fit on my bed. So, I am here to describe some features of this effective product. Let’s start-

Fabric Clips:

Bed Scrunchie comes with 8 durable & strong clips that easily support up to 70 pounds. These clips are made of plastic to prevent damaging your sheets. You can easily replace the clips and order separately from online if the clips get damaged.

Special Features of Bed Scrunchie

Strength Bungee Cord:

After fabric clips, the bed scrunchie has a parachute strength bungee cord. To prevent losing grip of the sheets this cord is normally used with the clips. The bungee cord supports up to 500 pounds of resistance without any problem. This cord is flexible and made of elastic material to adjust according to your needs.

Wheel Lock:

With the Bungee cord bed, scrunchie has a wheel lock to secure the sheet on the bed. This lock can easily be pulled or loosened for removing the bed scrunchie from the sheets. This wheel lock is designed with a patented buckle.


The patented buckle is adjusted with the wheel lock and it stays in the center of the bed scrunchie. To keep the sheet in place with the bed it works on the mattress’s center part.


360- Degree Hold:

Bed Scrunchie is a great product that has a 360-degree holding system for any bed. This holding system keeps the bed clean & tidy like a hotel room. No matter how much bigger or smaller the bed is. With this 360-degree holder product along with clips and cord, you can make your bed super clean.


If you are worried about is it applicable for your king-size bed? Let me assure you the Bed Scrunchie is perfectly suitable for all types and sizes of bed. No matter the bed is small, larger, king-size, or the couch. You can easily use the bed scrunchie and keep your bed perfect and wrinkle-free.


Easy Set-Up:

Bed Scrunchie is a simple cord with some clips and locks. This is very easy to set up. You don’t have to spend so much time on that. First, adjust the straps on your sheet with the mattress. Flip over the sheets and attach the gadget to the middle of your bed. According to your adjustment, you can tighten or loosen the cord and finally locked it with a wheel lock.


If you think, is it possible to wash it after a long time of use? Well, the thing is you can wash it in a simple way. To wash you can use the water and detergent and rub it softly. Then your bed scrunchie will be clean like before. For better results, you can use air drying to clean with a medium, low or high speed.


Bed Scrunchie manufacturer claims that it is much more durable than you think. They use high-quality material on the product which is sustainable enough. The locks, clips, and bungee cord strong enough to hold the sheets perfectly. Also, if any problem with the products they ensure a 100 nights full refund for the customer.

Why you Need Bed Scrunchie?

If you ask me why you actually need the Bed Scrunchie, I would say this literally saved my day. It is true I can make up my bed, but sometimes I am so tired to fix the bed. Here are some actual reasons why I need the Bed Scrunchie.

Why you Need Bed Scrunchie

  1. Bed Scrunchie easily fitted with all bed types and sizes.
  2. Keep my sheets perfect even at night.
  3. It saves my time to make the bed.
  4. Easy to set up on my bed
  5. No damages on sheets.
  6. The product is fully washable.
  7. High-quality material makes the product durable.

How to Use Bed Scrunchie?

After reading the features & why you need it through my Bed Scrunchie Review, I am sure you want to know how you can use this Bed Scrunchie. So here I am with step by step process to set up the Bed Scrunchie.

Step 1: At first, fit the sheet on your mattress. Make sure the elastic side is facing up.

Step 2: Now attaches the clips that start from 10 to 12 inches from the corner. Now follow the marking to adjust the strap that has a bungee cord.

Step 3: After that adjustment flips the sheet over. While adjustment makes sure the buckle is centered to the bed.

How to Use Bed Scrunchie

Step 4: Put the fitted sheet with bed scrunchie on the mattress as you fit the normal bed sheet. Secure the bed scrunchie underneath the mattress.

Sheet 5: To lock up the buckle slide the wheel lock & tighten the sheet pull the rope in the opposite direction. Once you are satisfied with the tightness now you can keep the rope under the mattress.

The process may look like it is so hard to set up. But trust me when you will start setting up the process will take only a few minutes. With this setup now, you can say goodbye to your messy bed.

Is Buying Bed Scrunchie Worth the money?

I would say buying a bed scrunchie is worth the money. You might be thinking about why I need to spend money just to keep my bedsheets fit. But after using it by myself I just love it. I saw over 80000 people that love the Bed Scrunchie. The bed scrunchie is easy to set up and you don’ have to spend time making your bed.

Is Buying Bed Scrunchie Worth the money

Also, this product easily adjusts with any bed size. No matter your bed is large, small, king-size, or the couch. It is perfectly fitted for all types of bed & sizes. People are so comfortable with this product they give almost 2000 reviews for this. The material is quite durable and no harmful thing is used in this product. So yes, within this budget it is worth buying the Bed scrunchie for your messy bed.

Where I Can Buy It?

Buying the Bed Scrunchie is easy if you know the proper place. When I first learn about the products, I was looking at the general store. But they are failed to deliver me the product. Besides their quality is not up to the mark. After long searching, I finally managed to find their official site.

Where I Can Buy It

This site has so many offers for their customer at a reasonable price. They are offering 3 different amazing deals for the customer. I choose their Most Popular deal which buys 2 get 1 free with a discount. Those who need more than a 3-bed scrunchie can choose the Best deal offer. In this offer, you will get a 2-bed scrunchie completely free by purchasing 3 products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through my Bed Scrunchie Review, I tried to cover up every detail about the gadget. Still, if you have some queries, here are some answers to the frequently asked questions.

How easy is it to install?

Installing bed scrunchie is not tough if you not the right way. At first, it makes take several times to set up on your bed. Once you learn about it, it will just take few minutes to set up.

How do you clean the Bed Scrunchie?

As the Bed Scrunchie is made of plastic clips & parachute strength bungee cord. So, washing it with water & detergent is not a big deal. Besides you can use air drying to prevent damages as per manufacturers’ instructions.

 What bed sizes are compatible with the Bed Scrunchie?

The Bed scrunchie has no particular sizes. It doesn’t matter your bed is single or double or king sizes. For every size bed, this device is perfectly suitable and you can easily set up this one without any hassle.

What if customers are displeased with Bed Scrunchie?

Though the Bed Scrunchie is the best solution for tangled beds. Still, there is no problem with this gadget, the manufacturer opens the option to return the product within 100 nights. Also, they have a full refund policy if you are displeased with the product.

How long will it take to receive Bed Scrunchie?

There is no particular time of delivering the bed scrunchie on your hand. This may take a longer time depends on road, weather, etc. circumstances. But the manufacturer claims to deliver the product within 24 to 48 hours. It may take a longer period of time for different countries.

Final Thought

At the end of my Bed Scrunchie Review, I can say that the gadget is really amazing. No matter how much turning, tossing, or jumping you do on the bed the sheet will now remain the same. You don’t have to keep it fitted from time to time. Just adjust the gadget under the bedsheet and get a smooth tangled & wrinkle-free flat sheet bed of your own.

You can use it on any size of the bed and wash it to keep it germ-free. Also, keep your room messy-free by using this device underneath the bed. If you have any toddlers or babies at your home no need to worry. Just adjust this parachute strengthening bungee cord and stay relax.


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