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A dog is one of the most loyal friends of human beings. Having a dog is a matter of joy and no one can deny it. A dog’s love for his master is unconditional but sometimes its extreme barking makes his master annoyed too. Dogs usually communicate with other dogs and people by barking and it’s their natural behavior.

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Though barking is a way of communication for dogs, extravagant barking is different. It usually disturbs people and you may get complaints from your neighbors. In that situation, what would it be if you could control the barking and furry behavior of your dog from a distance? Undoubtedly it would be good, right?

Today I’ll introduce you to a device named BarXStop. It is an incredible ultrasonic dog bark control device. This device helps alleviate the excessive barking sound that your dogs create. A few days back, I purchased the device as I have a lovely dog. Here I’ll confer an entire BarXStop Review that I have experienced. So, stay with me and then judge whether this device actually works or not.

Product Summary


  • Convenient to Use
  • Ultrasonic Sound
  • Not Hazardous to Health
  • LED Light Included

BarXStop Review: What Is It?

Before explaining my experience with the device, it is necessary to know the basic things about the device, isn’t it? Well, let me explain what BarXStop actually is. The BarXStop is a tool that uses ultrasonic that helps in stopping the barking of your dogs and make them calm. The good thing is, you can accomplish the task at a distance.

BarXStop Review: What Is It?

This ultrasound scattering device is a perfect choice for a dog’s owner and people who fear dogs that can be used as a self-defense kit.  Some people may think that the ultrasonic frequency that the device produces is hazardous to a pet’s health but actually not. It is powerful and completely safe to disrupt the dogs barking.

A dog always wants to make you happy and pleased but they don’t perceive what should or shouldn’t do.  That’s why it becomes difficult to deal with the unpleasant behaviors of your dog. In that situation, proper training can be the best remedy to stop worse behaviors but it’s not easy as we say. To get rid of this situation, BarXStop can help you out.

BarXStop Key Features

BarXStop comes with some incredible features that will definitely captivate you to get the devices. Here we have enlisted some of the remarkable features that should be illustrated.

BarXStop Key Features

Convenient to Use:

It’s easy to operate and anyone can use it conveniently without confronting any complexity. Even if someone who has no previous experience of using any tools can easily use it. Just Point BarXStop and tap the button. Instantly, the ultrasonic sound will get the attention of your dog and enable you to control the dog’s behavior. The size of the device is compact and takes it anywhere easily.

Convenient to Use

Ultrasonic Sound:

High-Pitched tones have been used on the BarXStop that are not identifiable by humans.  It has been developed by following systems that can only target the hearing of dogs. To stop your dog from excessive sound and undesired behaviors,  it uses ultrasonic sound.

Ultrasonic Sound

Not Hazardous to Dogs & Humans Health:

Are you speculating whether this device is harmful to your dog’s health or not? Then I would like to make sure that it’s completely safe for both humans’ and dogs’ healthNo chemical has been used on it and as I have been using it for a couple of days for controlling my dog’s breaking, I didn’t confront any difficulties till now.

LED Light Included:

LED light with high power has been included on it. On night walking, you’ll be up to use it. Besides, it can be used to add visuals stimulations for more obstinate dogs. Just change the function to “Light” and tap the “ON” Button.

LED Light Included

Works On Different Kinds of Dogs:

You’ll be happy to hear that the BarXStop works on all breeds including Akita, Lambaradors, Dalmatian, Barbet, and more aggressive dogs.

  • A 9-volt battery has been used on it
  • This anti-barking device holds different dimensions
  • Compact size and very lightweight
  • Maximum capable range of output from minimum 10 miters to 50 ft.
  • It comes in two different colors Black and yellow
  • Uses an LED light that you can use while walking at night
  • The function of the device is easy and anyone can use it
  • It holds 25KHz frequency on addictive activation to your dogs
  • The BarXStop is entirely harmless for both humans and dogs
  • Training mode is available to train your dog
  • This device is now only available online
  • Can’t identify the reason for the dog’s barking

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

In the above, I have explained what I have experienced. But would you like to know what other customers think about the products? Let’s look at the customer opinion below.

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Is Buying Barxstop Worth the Money?

The most typical question is whether BarXStop is worth the money or not. Let me explain my own experience first and then decide if it is worth it or not. For the first time when I heard about the product, I couldn’t believe that It would work and be delayed to order.  Since I got it and used it several times to stop my dog’s barking, I realized then it is the most used tool.

Is Buying Barxstop Worth the Money

At an affordable price, you will be up to illuminate your dog’s excessive barking. It is a durable and compact size device that you can easily carry within your pockets and can protect yourself from aggressive dogs. It comes with several features and training mode is one of them that helps you to train your dog properly.

Where I Can Order It?

Maybe you don’t know where to purchase it. As we already mention that this product is not available everywhere except online. In that case, if you intend to get the authentic product, I recommend ordering it from its official site. You’ll get a 50% discount now if you buy it from there. You can make the payment with your credit card or PayPal as both of them are accepted.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

If you notice that you are not completely satisfied with the BarXStop, don’t be worried. This offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases which is incredible. To get your money back, if you are not satisfied, just send the product to them for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers to some queries that we are frequently asked about the item below. If you have any questions related to the product, I hope these answers will be helpful for you.

Does Barxstop Really Work?

BarXStop works properly and you can control your dog’s barking at a certain distance and it can be from 10 meters to 50 ft.

Is Barxstop Safe for Me and My Dogs?

BarXStop is completely harmless for both dogs and human beings. No chemicals have been used on it.

What Is the Range of Barxstop?

The range of the BarxStop is a minimum of 10 meters and a maximum of 50 ft. Within the range, you’ll be up to control your furry animals.

Is the Battery Included in the Package?

No,  the battery is not included in the package. You have to purchase the battery at your own cost individually.

Can Barxstop Be Used on Other Kinds of Pets?

You can try but as far as I know, It won’t work on other kinds of pets.

Final Thought

If you are having problems with the extreme barking of your pet, BarXStop will be the one and only solution. This device controls the barking and furiousness of dogs with the help of ultrasonic sound. BroXStop is a compact size device and very lightweight; thus you can carry it anywhere.

This little device brings no hazardousness to your dog’s health as no chemicals have been used on it. This device aids in controlling your pet’s aggressive behaviors within 2 to 3 weeks. In this BarXStop Review, I Have tried to illustrate everything about the product that I have experienced. I hope this context helped you to get details about this product.


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