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Traveling is one of my hobbies and whenever I get time, I explore a new place. While traveling one thing I carry always with me is a backpack to keep my belongings. But recently I am facing some problems with my backpack. My objects are being stolen during my sleeping time. Besides in rainy times, I can’t keep my objects dry. So I was looking for a backpack that will give me all the facilities.

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Luckily while searching I found such a kind of backpack called BackXpack. This one not only provides anti-theft security on my backpack but also sustainable enough while traveling. This backpack is very comfortable to use and goes with every style. In my BackxPack review, I’ll tell you all about this bag. Let’s go.

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  • Features:
  • Pattern Lock System
  • Charging Port
  • Multi-Compartment
  • Quality Materials
  • Compact & User-Friendly
  • Stylish Design & Color

About BackXPack

Backxpack is a compact design and user-friendly shoulder bag that contains an anti-theft system. This backpack uses a pattern lock in the security system that makes it different from other backpacks. To maintain full security this backxpack has an anti-theft password, an internal pocket along a double zipper.

About BackXPack

To charge my laptop, mobile, or power banks while traveling I found the USB port in this backpack. This backxpack has 3 different components. The largest components come with pattern lock security, which can easily carry up to 15.6 inches laptop. The sleek design with extra compartments makes it a smart backpack.

The material this backxpack uses is good. An ergonomic design with adjustable straps makes this luggage system backpack popular. This backpack also has an earphone hole, side, front, and inside a chamber with a double zipper. The backXpack uses water repellent fabric to keep safe the belongings during the rainy season. Within a limited budget, security, and sustainability this BackXPack is a great product for travelers, students, office employees, etc.

Features of BackXPack

Have you ever thought you can keep your all belongings completely safe while traveling, even if you are sleeping? Because I find awesome anti-theft backpacks among others that is BackxPack. There are so many features that I’ll share through my BackxPack Review. Let’s roll-

Features of BackXPack

Pattern Lock System:

Backxpack has a number lock system that prevents stealing any objects from the bag. It is completely password protected and you can set the number lock of your choice. With this much security, it is quite impossible to unlock the lock system. This backpack also has hidden zippers along with an anti-theft pocket to keep my things secure. To travel or in a crowded place, this is an ideal backpack for all.

Charging Port:

The most necessary thing while traveling I need is a charger or a charging port. Sometimes I forgot to carry my power bank. Backxpack relieves me from this tension. It has an inside cable that helps me charging any of my gadgets. Through an inside USB port, I can easily charge my laptop or any other gadget. With the outside USB port, I can charge my mobile while taking, working, or traveling.


In other backpacks, I only find one or two-chamber. In the matter of BackxPack, I found multiple chambers. Those chambers help me keep the objects in a different compartment. For a laptop, I can use one chamber, for my clothes and other things I can use different chambers.

Also, it has some hidden pockets and a double zipper. The biggest chamber has enough space that it can easily keep 15.6 inches laptop without any problem. Also, there are side pockets, front pockets, and other zippers to keep other belongings.

Quality Materials:

Talking about BackxPack it uses quality & lightweight materials. It has adjustable straps with inner and outer construction. This construction is super strong that can easily carry any heavy product. The backpack also uses water-resistant fabric. This fabric is made of 900D nylon with high-grade quality to prevent water. For this water-repellent material, you can keep your product safe from water.

Quality Materials

Compact & User-Friendly:

With so many features and benefits, this backpack’s weight is only 56 kg. Have you ever thought about it? You will find so stylish backpack within a budget. Though this backxpack maintains pattern lock it is user-friendly and portable. The overall size of this backxpack is 28 x 12 x 47 cm.

Stylish Design & Color:

BackXpack is totally going with the trend. I found it very fashionable & trendy while using it as it has a very adjustable design. This backpack has an ergonomic design with five different exclusive colors. Because of its luggage structured design, this looks elegant to me.

Benefits of Using BackXPack

Like other backpacks, BackXPack helps to carry objects but it has anti-theft features that make it different from regular backpacks. You will find some extra benefits here. They are-

Benefits of Using BackXPack

  1. You can use this back with full comfortability. No need to carry extra pain on your shoulder.
  2. The backxpack has a minimalist design that totally goes with the trend.
  3. You can charge your devices anywhere because it has a USB charging port.
  4. Backxpack has a multicompartment that helps to keep belongings in a smart way.
  5. This backxpack has super lock protection that you can prevent your objects from stealing.
  6. A perfect travel companion within a budget.
  7. BackxPack uses high-quality material and its durability is longer than any other bag pack.
  8. The water-repellent system keeps the objects safe inside the bag during the rainy season.

Why You Need BackXPack?

A backpack can be used for multi-purposes. For those who love traveling or roaming around for them, this BackXpack is such a helpful one. If you are looking for a high-security system for your bag, then BackXPack best anti-theft bag. You can carry so many objects in a bag pack because it has plenty of space.

Why you Need BackXPack

No need to carry different bags for different objects. You will love this backxpack for its lightweight. Also, it has so many colors that totally go with my style. Within a budget, if you are looking for a stylish bag, without any doubt you can choose this convenient Backpack.

Is Buying BackXPack Worth the Money?

Yeah, this question definitely comes to my mind when I first time saw the price and wanted to purchase the BackXpack for myself. I was worried about it because my past experience about purchasing backpacks was not so good. But, when I saw some reviews, I said to myself let’s take a risk.

Is Buying BackXPack Worth the Money

Trust me, the risk was worth taking. The multi-section of the backpack helps me to keep so many things in a place. Besides the backpack is completely secure while I am roaming around. The USB power system along with water repellent makes the Backxpack different from others. So yes, I would say this backxpack worth the money.

Where Can I Purchase It?

This amazing stylish backpack is you will not find in the local store. Those backpacks that are available on the local store they look alike but not the authentic one. Besides, you will not get all the features that I described in the BackXpack Review. The original BackXpack is only available on their official website.

Where Can I Purchase It

By purchasing from their website, I get up to a 50% discount. Besides they have some amazing deals for the customer. Among them, I choose recommended deal that offers 2 BackXpack completely free with 3 Backxpack. They are also offering a maximum discount on the purchase, which other stores failed to deliver. To get an authentic product you can choose the store. They have varieties option to pay like master cards, debit cards, etc.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

While purchasing BackXpack from their store I saw the money-back guarantee option. In case this backpack doesn’t suit me, I can get my money back within 30 days. This is such an amazing deal the BackXpack official store provides that is exceptional.

Final Thought

It is hard to find a backpack that not only provides security but also sustainable enough to carry any heavy-weight products. After purchasing the BackXPack I was so much satisfied that I write a BackXPack Review. I also suggest my close people buy this one. This is one of the best anti-theft travel bags that has also a portable charger system.

The multi-chamber of this product is really great for those who carry lots of things. Besides the material, this backpack use is quite strong. Lastly, the anti-theft protection and ergonomic design make this backpack elegant to everyone. Instead of using your daily backpack you can choose this stylish one and get so many facilities.


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