About US

Hi! This is Robert Link, your technical friend and the owner of this site “techiesstuff”. If you’re wondering what this site is all about then let me tell you the story behind creating this site. Basically, I’m a businessman and a blogger. I’ve been doing business for more than 10 years and writing blogs almost the same year. However, my business is about technology products and gadgets, such as home, kitchen, automobiles, health, and etc. related.

Now the thing that I’ve discovered while operating my business is, people aren’t getting all of their products in one single place. As well as, they can’t rely on all the sources they are getting for each of these products. So I’ve done some research and survey on their needs and demands. Then, I found that every one of them agreed to one point. That is they are looking for a reliable place/site where they will find everything together.

This is what motivates me to create this “techiesstuff” site. I’ve designed this site in a very organized way so that you get everything you need in a convenient way. From here, you’ll get all the updates of new gadgets and technological products for your home, kitchen, health, automobiles, etc. Here, you’ll also receive these gadgets using experience, maintenance, and tips and tricks, and an honest review of the people who use these gadgets.

Thank you so much!

Best Regards,
Robert Link.