5 Second Fix vs Bondic – Review of Comparisons

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The issue of repairing broken items is common everywhere. We always use superglue to fix them. In some cracks, superglue fails to repair the joint. I have to spend a lot on glues to repair my broken household accessories. This led me to try UV light glue.

Bondic and 5-second fixes are the best and renowned UV light glue that can repair plastic to metal materials with a permanent bond. I have tried both plastic welders and shared my opinions in the 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparison review. Throw out the normal super glues and try anyone from these UV light glues.

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Comparison Chart
The comparison chart will help you to understand the best one at a glance:

5 Second Fix
Glue type
Glue type
Liquid plastic glue
liquid adhesive
Duration to make bond
Duration to make bond
5 seconds
4 seconds
Sticky messes
Sticky messes
Bond quality
Bond quality
Extreme Strong
Medium strong
Made in
Made in

What is Bondic?

Bondic is renowned as the first UV light glue that provides the best result in bonding repairs. It successfully repairs my few cracks that I have failed to repair with super glue. Within 4 seconds, it cures the cracks with the rock-solid bonding performance.

What is Bondic

Its bond is long-lasting and does not damage acid, oil, water, heat, etc., and more. The advanced liquid formula amazed me. Its adhesive becomes liquid format until I apply the UV light over it. I have used machines on the bond to give a smooth finishing. The bond withstands the heavy pressure.

What is 5 Second Fix?

The 5-second fix works the same as Bondic, but it uses plastic liquid glue and hardens under UV light exposure. It can cure any repairs within 5 seconds. You have to fill the joint with glue and apply the UV light to fix it.

What is 5 Second Fix

You can apply more plastic liquid over the previous bond if required. Also, its bond can be machined, painted, drilled, sanded to ensure polished finishing. It has no sticky messes and works on rough surfaces. It can hold up to 350 pounds weight from the bond part.

Main Features of Bondic

Bondic provides unique features that make it reliable and the best of other plastic welders. Discover the features below:

Main Features of Bondic

  • Quick and permanent result: After 4 seconds of applying adhesive and UV light, it creates a permanent rock-solid bond. The bond is extremely strong, so you can use the sander, drill machine, acid paint, and much more on it.
  • Solvent-free: All glues dry up after opening the tube lid. The liquid adhesive of the Bondic never dries up until the UV light is applied to it. So, you can completely control it and use it for a life-time.
  • Works on rough surfaces: It performs well on the rough surface. I have repaired many cracks that cannot be repaired with super glue. Always clean the surface before using it for the best results.
  • No mess: Stickiness is the annoying feature of glue. Bondic's advanced liquid adhesive formula is not sticky and messy. So, there is no risk of skin issues.
  • 100% safe: It has no harmful elements, so anyone can use the Bondic without facing any health problems.

Main Features of 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix has some useful features and they are mentioned below:

Main Features of 5 Second Fix

  • Liquid plastic glue: 5 Second Fix has liquid plastic glue that hardens with UV light. It creates a strong bond that has the capacity to hold up to 350 pounds. After drying up, the bond becomes transparent without leaving messes.
  • Repair within 5 seconds: It fixes any joints within 5 seconds. Just fill-up the crack with plastic glue, apply UV light, and get the result in seconds. It does not leave sticky glues and dries up completely.
  • Repair Everything: Most of the glue cannot repair rough surfaces. While using the 5-second fix, I have experienced different results. It permanently joints the rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Resistant: The bond of the 5-second fix lasts on water and extreme heat. Also, the glue liquid never dries up in the air. After using UV light, the liquid plastic hardens.
  • Sandable and Paintable: Its clear bond allows you to use the machine to have a smooth finish. Also, you can use paints on it. Its strong bond withstands all conditions.

How Does Bondic Work?

Bondic works with advanced liquid plastic adhesive and UV light. Below, I will explain how it works:

How Does Bondic Work

Clean the cracked part.

  • Take a few drops of Bondic adhesive on it.
  • Use the UV light over the adhesive.
  • It will harden from both sides of the cracked part.

Now, you can use the broken material again. You can sand, use paint and do whatever you need.

How Does 5 Second Fix Work?

How Does 5 Second Fix Work

5 Second Fix works in the following 3 steps:

  • Fill: Apply the liquid plastic glue on the broken parts.
  • Seal: Seal the parts by using UV light over the plastic glue.
  • Fix: within 5 seconds, it can fix any type of cracks.

Where to Buy Bondic?

Bondic is available on the merchant’s website. You should get the Bondic from here for the genuine product. Also, you will get all official supports and offers with free shipping.

Where to Buy 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is sold on Amazon by its manufacturer. You can get the 5 Second Fix from here.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic

Let’s discover the similarities and comparisons of 5 Second Fix and Bondic to get the right one:

5 Second Fix vs Bondic


  1. Bondic and 5-second fix use UV light to harden the applied glue. Both work as plastic welders.
  2. They do not leave sticky glue messes after they dry up. The glue only hardens when the UV light is applied to it.
  3. Their bond lasts for a long time and does not damage water, heat, oil, and other rough situations.
  4. You can repair all types of essentials with plastic welders.


  1. Bondic uses liquid adhesive, which is toxic-free and ensures a rock-solid bond. The 5-second fix has liquid plastic glue, which is not safe for our skin and health.
  2. The bond of the Bondic is extremely strong and it can hold heavy weight on the joint. But the 5-second fix takes up to 150 kg weight on the joint.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic: Which One is Better?

We are now at the last of the 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparison review. Both tools perform well as plastic welders. Bondic has a toxic-free adhesive that hardens within 4 seconds under exposure to UV light.

The 5-second fix takes 5 seconds to repair cracks and use liquid plastic glue, which is irritating for the skin and risky for our health. So, I recommend the Bondic for its safe use and rock-solid bonding performance. You can get the Bondic from here with incredible offers.

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