SilverStick One Hitter Pipe Review


SilverStick One Hitter Pipe

SilverStick One Hitter Pipe







        Smooth Hit



          • Cost
          • Durability
          • Smooth Hit
          • Design


          We tried the SilverStick One Hitter Pipe, here’s our review.

          What exactly is a SilverStick?. It’s a one hitter Pipe. There are plenty of one hitter pipes available but the silver stick has one of the best features.. a cotton tar reducing filter!
          Might not seem like a big deal but if you ever smoked a one hitter, glass blunt, or pipe you know how harsh and hot your hit can be. Burning your mouth or accidentally inhaling herbs sucks. With the SilverStick cotton filter it stops particulars and tar from going into your mouth, softens the hit because the smoke first travels through the cotton filter, and prevents gunk from entering your lungs.

          SilverStick One Hitter Pipe


          What’s included:

          • The SilverStick
          • 25 Cotton Filters
          • Stainless Steel Poker
          • Information booklet
          • End cap

          SilverStick One Hitter Pipe

          Look and Feel

          When I first opened my package I was very surprised at how lightweight it was. I was expecting it to be heavy. It’s super lightweight, probably weighs about an ounce and it feels very sleek in your hand. It’s not bendable at all, very high quality materials. It’s claimed to be main in the USA and I definitely believe that.

          SilverStick One Hitter Pipe

          How it works

          Before you starting using the SilverStick you need to insert one of the cotton filters that’s included. The filter is cotton in the shape of a tube with thin paper material around it. Just insert that into the mouthpiece and screw it back onto the base. Next you will fill the end with your dry herbs. It’s only enough for 1-2 big hits (hence the name one hitter) so you don’t need to put much. Stuff it a little bit, light it, and take a hit. Lighting it doesn’t leave any burn marks which is very great. The cotton filters are recommended to change after 2-3 uses. Using the poker tool included you can easily push it out.


          I bought the basic package that includes the SilverStick and 25 Cotton filters which cost $25. I personally think that cost is great especially compared to other one hitters. I love it so much I bought another one. They have more expensive packages if you want a leather carrying case with it.

          SilverStick One Hitter Pipe


          I love the SilverStick and so happy I found it. Vape pens are to advanced for me and regular smoking has too many drawbacks such as heat, mess, and gunk. This is a great alternative. If you’re looking for a one hitter that’s easy to use with a super smooth hit this is it.

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