RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe Review


RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

Unique Design


    Shutdown Timer


      Digital Screen


        No Combustion


          Battery Life



            • Unique Design
            • Shutdown Timer
            • Digital Screen
            • No Combustion
            • Battery Life


            • Cost
            • Only Available in Black

            We tried the RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe, here’s our review.


            The RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Dry Herb Vape Pipe is the most innovative looking pen I’ve seen since the vape game starting getting popular. So many brand pipes look exactly the same just with a different logo on it. This vape stood out to me because it looks like an old school grandfathers pipe, and it has a huge digital screen. I had to try it.

            RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

            Look and Feel:

            When I first opened the vape pipe I was very pleased at the feel of it. Very solid and smooth feel to it. It doesn’t feel like it would break if dropped and it fits perfectly in my hand. It’s not too big or small. The mouthpiece is great and gets skinny at the top which is a plus so when I smoke it doesn’t feel awkward inhaling from a large mouthpiece.


            RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

            The Digital Screen:

            I love the screen on the RAWtronics 4200 pen. It shows so much details that I haven’t seen on the popular vape pens I’ve used before. It shows:

            -Current temperature
            -Desired set temperature
            -Safety turn off countdown

            Pipe symbol showing the heating status.
            It’s very bright and vibrant. You can also change the degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius, adjust the safety cut off time and control the temperature.

            RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

            How it works

            Before you start using this pipe vape you need to grind your herbs then you will remove the mouthpiece from the vape pipe, a simple pull on the mouthpiece will take it right off. Next you will fill the chamber with your herbs, make sure not to overstuff it, once you’re done just put the mouthpiece back on. Hit the power button 5 times which is a safely feature, the screen will turn on and you can set your desired temperature by using the “-” and “+” buttons on the side of the pipe. The heating process is pretty fast. Once the temperate is reached, take a hit! The pipe will stay on until the safety countdown hits 0:00.

            RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape PipeRAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

            How does it hit?

            Absolutely great. Love the fact that I can constantly hit it without needing to hold down a button. It’s a smooth hit, the mouthpiece hole is a great size so I don’t get to much vape at once. After I’m finished, the herbs are brown with no combustion.

            RAWtronics RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

            Final thoughts

            I’ve been using the 4200 for a couples weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. I really enjoy the design, it’s a great statement piece and it feels great in your hands. The digital screen is the icing on the cake, it’s so detailed. You don’t have to guess your battery life and temperature anymore, everything is displayed perfectly for you on the digital screen. It’s also a non combustion vape which of course is a huge must have. Definitely one of my favorite vapes.


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