How to Use Screen Recorder for iPhone


Using Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Another option we will be discussing in this article is using Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder App. It is also recommended as one of the best options to record iPhone and iPad screen because it contains more features like: iOS screen mirroring, and screenshot taking. It doesn’t require jail-breaking your devices before using it and you can easily do this trick by utilizing the Apple’s Airplay function.

Here is how!

  • Set your iPhone or iPad device and computer (Mac) under the same network.
  • Connect and mirror iOS screen. Mind you (the application supports recording screen with audio from your phone system, microphone, both or none).
  • Select the desirable audio input for capturing as you wish and start recording.
  • Once done click stop and save your video.


The two discussed option or methods are the most efficient and straightforward method to use a screen recorder for iPhone and iPad using Mac. Choose the method that best suit your need and fits your budget and if you wish to know more about the other apps, you can keep on checking here as we will soon discuss them in another article.

Note: Keep in mind it is only possible to record directly from an iPhone or iPad if the device is jail-broken. You’ll be able to record your screen with no cable or computer only by using an app called the Display Recorder app.



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