100% Working Trick to Increase Torrent Download Speed


uTorrent is a BitTorrent client that allows you to download torrent files securely and with good download speed. uTorrent is undoubtedly one of the best torrent clients you can download on your computer. Apart from offering the ability to download torrents, the uTorrent also comes with other features such as torrent scheduling, bandwidth priority, Auto downloading and more. However, uTorrent download speed is something that bothers everyone. So, if you are a regular torrent user, here is how to increase torrent download speed instantly.

Increase Torrent Download Speed

Open Utorrent in your PC. Once you have it opened, it is time to tweak some settings.

Go to Options and select Preferences.

Under the preferences window, you have to change the below-given settings to increase torrent speed.

Step 1: From the Left pane, click on Connection.

Set the Random port value to 45682.

Disable UPnP port mapping.

Step 2: Click the Bandwidth from the left pane.

Set the Maximum Upload Rate from 0 to 10. (0 is unlimited, hence not recommended).

Set Maximum Number of Global Connections from 200 to 2329.

Set Maximum Number of Peers Connected from 50 to 1890.

Set Number of Upload slots per torrent from 4 to 14.

Step 3: Click BitTorrent from the Left Pane

Set Prototype Encryption Outgoing from disabled to enabled.

Step 4: Click on Queuing from the Left Pane

Here, set Maximum number of active torrent from 8 to 10.

Set Maximum number of active downloads from 5 to 10.

Set Seeing Global Minimum ratio from 150 to 0.

Step 5: Click on Advanced from Left Pane

Here, change bt.allow_same_ip change value from False to True.

Change bit.connect_speed value from 7 to 130 By using the Set Value Option.

Change dht.rate from -1 to 2.

Change gui.show_nontorrents_Nodes from True to False.

Change net.max_halfopen from 100 to 120.

Once done, try to download torrents using your Utorrent client. You will see improved download speed after doing this.

Increase Torrent Downloading Speed using VPN

If you haven’t tried any of the VPN, you should give it a try. Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPN to download torrents at high speed. VPN does improve torrent downloading speed.

So, go ahead download and install any VPN such as Hotspot Shield and connect using the given button.

You may also want to learn about best torrent sites to download torrents for free.

So, this how you can increase your torrent download speed instantly. Do let us know what you think of this and if you have any other tweaks to increase the downloading speed of the torrent files.


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