Resume Expired Downloads Links in UC Browser


UC Browser for mobile is one of the best mobile web browser available as of now. Its light weight and fast compression technology make it easier to browse the web on UC browser.

UC browser also comes with one of best download manager for mobiles. On Chrome, the download manager is of no use, though Mozilla Firefox does offer a good download manager to the users.

It is very common that when you try to download any content from the web, the download may get stuck because of broken link or interrupted internet problem.

This becomes worse if you have almost finished the download and it gets stuck at 90% or so. If you have a fast internet connection, it should not bother you.

However, in case you are on a low-speed internet, it could be a frustrating task to download the contents all again.

The same can happen with UC Browser. At times, it happens that you are downloading something on UC browser and the download stops showing an error.

Fortunately, there is a way by which you can resume the download broken download links in UC browser.

Resume Broken Download Link UC Browser

The trick here is to make start a new download of the same file, pause it, rename the old incomplete file with the new one and make UC browser think that it is downloading the new file. So, let’s get started.

1. Open UC Browser and go to Downloads. In downloads, you will see all the files that have downloaded and currently being downloaded.

2. Find and tap on the file that you want to resume downloading. Tapping on the file will show you more information about the file.

3. All you have to do is, find the download link for that file in the information and copy it. Open the download link in a new tab and start the download.

4. In the download tab, simply rename the file than the original one. Once you have downloaded about 500KB. Pause the download. Don’t forget to rename the file before starting the download.

5. Close UC Browser. Important.

6. Now open your device file manager and go to UCDownload folder. Here you will see your old file that has link expired and another file with .dltemp extension. You will also see your new file that you started to download recently.

7. Copy the name of the new file as it is and delete it. Be careful while deleting the file. You have to delete the new file and not the old file for which you want to resume the download.

8. Now, rename the old file with the new file name and do the same for the file with .dltemp extension. Once you have renamed the file, close the file manager and open UC Browser.

9. Now open UC Browser and go to Downloads. Tap on the broken file to resume the download.

That’s it. The download will resume and downloading will start shortly from where it got stuck.





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