How to Bypass Right-click Disabled Sites

bypass right-clicks disabled sites

Right-click and you may see a right-click disabled message on a site from which you are trying to copy some images or the text. Disabling right-clicks on a site is an extreme way to protect the content that includes original images or some exclusive contents. It is very frustrating to see your work being copied by someone else and even worse when they get the recognition for the copied work but you don’t.

bypass right-clicks disabled sites

This encourages some website admins to block right-clicks on their site. Though we can’t really blame the administrator for adopting such extreme measures to safeguard their content from the content thieves, it is also true that disabling right-clicks on a site can be frustrating for genuine users and can affect the user experience.

This is mostly frustrating if a developer website disables right-clicks which blocks you from copying the required code to perform the said actions. Fortunately, there is a way out, and you can easily bypass sites that disable right-clicks. Today, in this post we will be looking at the two possible ways to bypass right-clicks disabled websites and copy the selected text.

Method 1: Javascript Code Method

The Javascript code method involves a line of Javascript that you have to add to your bookmark to bypass right-clicks disabled websites. Here is how to do it.

Copy the below given Javascript code:


Now right-click on the bookmark area in Chrome or Firefox and select Add a bookmark (add a Page in case of Chrome).

Let the name be as it is or change if you want. Paste the above given code in the URL field.

This Javascript bookmark method should help you bypass the right-click disabled websites easily.

Method 2: Extention / Addon for Chrome and Firefox

If you don’t like the idea of copying the Javascript code, then you can make use of the popular Google  Chrome extension, and Firefox add-ons that allow you to bypass right-clicks disabled sites easily.

RightToClick (Firefox) – If you are on Firefox then RighttoClick can make your job easier and gives access to the web pages that are right-click disabled. Get the RighttoClick add-on for Firefox from the official add-on the repository. An advantage here is that with these add-ons you don’t have to deal with the site that adds extra text to your copied content such as read more at etc.

RightToCopy (Chrome) – A Chrome developer developed a similar extension as of RightToClick for Chrome as well and named it RightToCopy. The RightToCopy extension does the same job and allows you to copy text from the websites that have right-clicks disabled. It also stops the websites from adding extra credit text with the copied content.

Things to note: Though these extensions and the Javascript method allows you to bypass right-clicks disabled sites, you may still face problems with some website. Some websites have adopted a different and more clever approach to protect their contents. At some websites, this extensions and the Javascript will not work. They made changes to the website internally so well that you can right-click on sites, click Copy option but the content will not be copied to your clipboard. Even the Ctrl + C shortcut will not work.  In case you badly need to copy a portion of text, then there is a workaround to this.

Highlight the text that you want to copy and right-click on it. Now instead of clicking Copy click on Search Google For “Your highlighted text in quotes”.

bypass Right-click Disabled sites

Now a tab will open with Google trying to search for your highlighted text and mostly you will not see any result as the entered search query is just too long. All you have to do is copy the text that you see in the Google search field and paste it wherever you want.

These are some of the workarounds to get around the sites that block right-clicks. But, these workarounds are for a genuine purpose only. Do not copy any contents without the authors consent for commercial use. They might have spent hours writing the contents and copying them is not only immoral but unprofessional as well.



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