Check if your Windows PC uses UEFI or BIOS Firmware

Find Windows Boot Environment BIOS Legacy UEFI

How many times you have come across terms such as UEFI and BIOS? If you use Windows PC and does tasks such as installing Windows, then you would have tried to know whether your PC uses UEFI or BIOS firmware. Knowing whether your PC uses UEFI or BIOS firmware helps you troubleshoot some upgrade related problems. In case, you simply want to find out whether your PC uses UEFI or BIOS firmware then this post you will learn how to find which boot environment your computer is using.

Method 1: Find Your PCs Boot Environment

Knowing which firmware (UEFI or BIOS) your PC is using is easier than thought. Here is how to do it.

Press Windows Key + E to open Windows Explorer.

Now copy and paste the below directory path in the Windows Explorer address bar.


Find Windows Boot Environment BIOS Legacy UEFI

Navigate to the above path and open Setupact.log file using Notepad.

In the Setupact.log file search for the following line:

Callback_BootEnvironmentDetect: FirmwareType

The easiest way to search for anything in Notepad is to use the Find feature. Press Ctrl + F and type Callback_bootenvironmentdetect and click Find Next.

call back boot environment  detect Firmware type 1

In the above line after the colon, you will find the Firmware type listed as one or two. If the firmware type is 1 then you have BIOS, and if the Firmware type is 2 then you have UEFI firmware.

Method 2: Find BIOS Mode in Windows 8/8.1/10

In case, the above method did not work, or if you are looking for an alternative way to find out whether your PC is using BIOS or UEFI boot environment then you can use the Windows System Information tab to make things clear.

Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialogue Box.

In the Run command box type msinfo32 and hit enter. It will open System Information window.


Under System Summary, scroll down and look for BIOS Mode. If the BIOS Mode says “Legacy” then you have BIOS boot environment. If it’s anything else, it will be listed.

System Information BIOS Mode


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