Best Android Apps That You Will Not Find in the Play Store

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Google Play Store┬áhas one of the largest collection of Apps for Android smartphone. Of course, there are third-party Android apps repositories available on the internet; still Google Play Store is the first choice for many as it comes with almost all the Android phones pre-installed. Google Play Store has an app for everything. You name it; they have it. However, Google Play Store has its own ToS, because of which some apps are forced to stay away from the Google Play Store. So, in today’s post, I will be listing some of the apps that are not in Google Play Store, but you can get it from third-party sources.

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Since these apps are not on Google Play Store, you have to manually download the apk of these apps and manually install the apps on your Android phone. Before you proceed with the installation, make sure that you have allowed apps installation from unknown sources.

One more thing to note about such apps is that they may not send OTA updates to your device. Hence, it is always recommended to check the apps website for the updated releases. Now that you have noted above points let’s check out the Android apps that you will not find in Play Store.

1. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is not available on Google Play Store, and obviously, that is the reason it is in this list of apps not found in Google Play Store. Humble Bundle is an app that offers bundles of games at a cheap price. This is more like those apps which offer games at discounted price.

Humble Bundle Offers regular bundles of games at a price that the user set himself. Each bundle offered by Humble Bundle consists of ten games.You need to purchase bundles to download and play the games. One dollar gets you three games; if you may more than average users you will get seven games, eight if you pay $6 and two more will be unlocked once the bundle reaches unspecified level.

You have to download and install the Humble Bundle app and make purchases through the website. However, you can download the games using the app and update them as well.

2. Tasker (Extended Trial)

Tasker Extended Trial

Tasker is one of the most powerful Android app available on Google Play Store. However, this is not a free app. You have to make a purchase before you can use it. Since the Google Play Store version does not offer a trial period, you can get the same if you download the app from the Tasker official website.

Go to Tasker website here and download the Trial version. The trial version comes with seven days of time, and you can further extend the trial period by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

3. MixPlorer

As the name indicates, MixPlorer is a file explorer, but unfortunately it is unavailable in the Google Play Store. MixPlorer is one of best file explorer that you can get for Android.It comes with a search function for easier accessing of files. It also supports compressed file formats. Built-in Image and Media player would allow you to view and play files directly from the MixPlorer. It also has built-in integration with 19 cloud service providers for better syncing. The addition of text edit will also come in handy if you want to view a text file or edit it. You can get MixPlorer from here.

4. BlackBerry Print Keyboard

Android manufacturers usually develop their own software for their devices specifically, and the keyboard is one of them. Most of the built-in Android keyboards are nothing but undesirable. However, there are manufacturers who put special effort to make a worthy and desirable keyboard. One of such keyboard is offered by BlackBerry with its BlackBerry Priv phone. Another keyboard is offered by Windows Phone, though, you cannot get it on Android, but possible on iOS.

Developers at XDA have extracted the BlackBerry Priv’s keyboard and converted into a separate apk which can be installed on Android phones. The BlackBerry Priv keyboard has a very clean interface with intelligent predictor and smooth typing experience. You can download BlackBerry Prive keyboard apk from here.

5. Viper4Android

If you have a rooted Android phone, then Viper4Android should be on your list of desirable apps. Viper4Android is a powerful audio equalizer app for Rooted Android phones. You can use Viper4Android to create audio profiles and customize them for your phone’s internal speaker as well as your headphones.

The app involves learning curve, but once you master you surely would love to use it. You can download the official version of this app from here.

6. Xposed Framework Installer

Xpose Framework Installer

If you have a rooted Android phone, you must have read about Xposed Framework Installer. The Xposed Framework Installer gives apps and modules. It gives you the ability to make system-level changes to your device. This would save you from the hassle of installing custom ROM just to get a feature.

Xposed Modules can customize and tweak your phone in every possible way. After the installation, you can download Xposed Modules such as XPrivacy from the Play Store. Get the Xposed Framework Installer from here.



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