Use Emergency Access Feature in LastPass


LastPass is one of the must have tool for the users who don’t like to remember all their password or if you supposed to forget password and username for your accounts usually. LastPass is a password manager available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera web browser and your PC. It is a free to use tool, though you also have the option to buy the premium version of the software. The developers at LastPass recently released a new version LastPass 4.0. The update came with several improvements and new features, and one of them is Emergency Access in LastPass.

As I said, the Emergency Access feature has been added to the LastPass with the latest version 4.0. The Emergency Access feature in LastPass 4.0 allows you to provide your friends and trusted family members access to your LastPass account. This way, you can ask your friends or family members to access your LastPass account in an emergency, but keep your LastPass account safe at the same time.

Now if you want to know how to use the latest Emergency Access feature in LastPass 4.0, this guide will help you. You can also read how to view saved password in Google Chrome.

Send Emergency Access Request in LastPass

The Emergency Access feature in LastPass works through an invitation system. As a user and the owner of the account, you can send Emergency Access invitation to your friend or family members on their Email ID. If the family member accepts the invitation, they will have access to your LastPass account for a period decided by you.

Here I have written a detailed step by step guide to guide you through how to use the emergency access feature in LastPass.

Note: The emergency access feature in LastPass is only available for the LastPass 4.0 users.
Note: You can only send Emergency Access invitation to the user who have LastPass account. 

Open your LastPass vault. From the Left navigation menu, click on Emergency Access.

Emergency Access LastPass

Click the Red + button at the bottom and beside Giving Emergency Access.

Emergency Access LastPass Plus Button

A new Setup Emergency Access window will appear. 

Setup Emergency Access

You will be asked to enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the Emergency Access invitation. Enter the Email ID and select wait time.

Once you have selected the Wait time and entered the Email ID, click the Send Invite button to send the Emergency access request for your LastPass account.

You should also see a pop-up message notification on the top of the screen saying Success: Invitation Sent.

That’s it, you have successfully given the Emergency Access to your friends to your LastPass account. You can also cancel the invitation anytime from the LastPass vault. 

Cancel Sent LastPass Emergency Access Invitation 

Open the LastPass vault and go to the Emergency Access menu.

The Emergency Access menu will list all the invitation that you have sent.

Select any one of the invitation, click the Actions button and select Cancel Invitation. 

You will see a Revoke Access message asking you to confirm the Cancel invitation. Click the Yes button to Cancel the LastPass Emergency Access invitation.


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