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Infinity GamePlay Screen Recorder

Video games are one those very few things which can be so addictive that you may don’t eat and sleep for days while playing the games. However, when it comes to mobile gaming, I don’t think there are any games that can be as serious. Nevertheless, the gaming on Android has improved a lot since the release of Android. Every year we see game developers pushing for better games with better graphics. Better graphics requires better hardware. However, the hardware is not a restriction anymore. Apart from the gamers who love to play games, there are gamers who also love to record gameplay on Android devices. You can record gameplay on Android devices and share them with video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Google restricted the screen recording to only the rooted device before Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, with Android Lollipop developers were able to create screen recording apps that can record the screen of an Android phone and save it as a video. The gameplay recording apps work the same way but capture more FPS than traditional screen recording apps. You can also read about best screen recording apps for Android Lollipop.

So to record gameplay videos on Android, we will be using the some of the best gameplay video recording apps available for Android. Check the list below, and click on the download button to visit the Google Play store and download the “record gameplay on Android” app to your phone.

Infinity Play Screen Recorder

Infinity GamePlay Screen Recorder

There are several other gameplay recording apps for Android. However, Infinity Play Screen Recorder comes with a VR Mode feature which allows you to record games in VR Mode. So, if you have a VR device, you will be thrilled to watch the recorded game plays on them.

The Infinity Play Screen Recorder also allows you to record the gameplay as well gameplay sound, which is a plus point for this app. It also has an option to upload all your recorded gameplay videos on Android to YouTube directly.

[appbox googleplay  com.ayce]

GameDuck – Play, Record Gameplay, Share

GameDuck Gameplay recorder for Android

GameDuck is yet another gameplay recording app for Android;  it is unique from the rest as well. Apart from allowing you to capture the gameplay on Android, the GameDuck also allows you to share gameplay on the GameDuck network. The other GameDuck community users will be able to send you real-time response and reaction.

You will also be able to team up with your buddies to play games together in a game. There is also an option to record your face while recording the gameplay. This way you can interact with your viewers if you are recording Gameplay on Android to share it on YouTube or other video streaming sites.

[appbox googleplay com.rsupport.gameduck]

PlayCast GamePlay Recorder

PlayCast GamePlay Recorder

PlayCast is one of the most popular Android apps to record gameplay on Android. The app works flawlessly and doesn’t utilize too much of your phone resources. It has a very easy to use user interface, so getting started with the app shouldn’t be a problem for the beginners.

You can record gameplay videos in full resolution with sound. Once the gameplay has been recorded, you can share the recorded gameplay video directly to your YouTube account with ease. The fact that, it does not require you to export your video first makes it a good choice.

[appbox googleplay com.ayce.playcast]

Mobizen GamePlay Recorder

Mobizen GamePlay Recorder

Mobizen is not an app that was released as a gameplay recording app, but it was released as a sophisticated screen recording apps. But, if you want an app that can record gameplay in Full HD along with 60FPS then Mobizen is the app for you. Though the Full HD resolution and recording at 60 FPS will create a monster size video, the video watching experience would be rather very smooth.

[appbox googleplay com.rsupport.mvagent]


Not all the apps may be perfect as some may offer a feature that may be missing in others. However, do try these apps to record gameplay on Android and let us know your pick in the comments.


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