Navigation system

Technological evolution has been one of the most transformational changes witnessed in the lives of human beings. Technology begun in simple forms but has since been advanced to cover wider domains that no one would have imagined. The most advancing part of technology is information technology. Even thought he advancements experienced in this area have been of much benefit to human beings and their activities, they have also made a significant negative contribution which includes the control of how human beings behave. It may be a belief that human beings are in full control of technology.

According to, the inevitable truth is that technology influences human beings almost as much as human beings influence it. The achievements which have been experienced in the field of technology have been very instrumental in determining the next steps taken by the industrial operations of human beings. The one field which has been very actively affected by this development is the marine environment. Through technology, human beings can take control of several aspects the marine operations. The technology has been advanced to such an extent that the control of marine activities has become wireless especially through the use of the iPods, iPhones, and iPads. This article aims at focusing on the changes that information technology has brought to the control of water vessels. The main focus is on the Apple products which have been mentioned above.

The application of information technology in water vessels and marine operations began five years ago with the emergence of things developed by Apple Corporation. The initial versions of this technology were however only useful in the entertainment of viewers only. The above statement implies that the earliest versions of these devices were mainly used in entertaining the passengers of yachts and other vessels of this kind. The main services which were offered by these versions of iTechnology were mainly in the form of music and videos which the owners of the devices had to enjoy while on transit. There were then a few enhancements which included the introduction of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The new look was very useful because it enabled the users of this particular technology to be able to share files with one another. The Wi-Fi technology also made it possible for the introduction of internet services within the yachts which operated at this point in time. The diagram below summarizes how technology is employed in controlling marine vessels today.

Control Devices via IOS

After the wireless experience, there came the iOS or the Android which would bring up the successive sections of this development. The first possibility which came into existence was the ability to achieve media management through the use of wireless technology. This method made it possible for the vessel owners to use the remote technology to operate all the media devices which were present in their vessels. The operating system is very integrated and enables one to be able to operate and control devices like music systems within the boats and other marine vessels. This technology has brought more benefits because it has reduced the amount of mechanical work done in operating electronic devices in a marine vessel. The final and the most beneficial development experienced here is the ability to employ this technology in assuming the control of the vessel itself. The vessels are installed with devices which are available on the boat actuation systems such that they can be controlled using wireless technology.

Navigation system

The diagram above is a typical illustration of how these devices can be used in navigation activities. It is clear that electronic mapping systems are very instrumental for this activity.


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