Save All Open Tabs to Launch Later in Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome bookmark all tabs

Google Chrome and Firefox are the most popular web browsers for PC. If you tend to use the internet for research purpose, then you will have more than one tabs open all the time. You will be researching on a topic, but you will find another interesting topic during the research. This way, you will have more than 10 tabs open on your Chrome/Firefox browser in no time. If you have only two or three tabs open you can remember them and relaunch them when you restart Chrome next time. However, if you have multiple tabs which in my case is never less than 10 tabs then remembering all of them could be a difficult task. This is same with Firefox browser as well. 

As an alternative for this, What I used to do was force close Chrome and shutdown computer. After restarting the PC, when I launch Chrome browser, there will be an option to restore all the previous tab. You can do this with Control + Shift + T., Or you can click the Restore button to relaunch all the tabs. 

However, this method of force closing the Chrome browser is not always effective as at times even after force closing the Chrome browser when you relaunch the Chrome browser or Firefox web browser you will not be able to restore all the previous tabs as the browser failed to store the recently opened tab history. Also, read Cast Desktop Screen to TV Using Chromecast.

Instead of doing this Jugaad*, what you can do is make use of the Chrome and Firefox browsers save all tabs or bookmark all tabs feature. This feature is available in Chrome and Firefox. However, unfortunately, Microsoft edge is yet to get this feature. Here is how to save all open tabs in Google Chrome/Firefox to launch it later. 

*Jugaad is a Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi word for work around.

Save All Open Tabs to Launch Later in Chrome and Firefox  

Open Google Chrome or Firefox web browser on your PC. 

Next step is to create a new folder in your Chrome/Firefox browser. Right-click on the bookmark area and select Add Folder.  

Google Chrome Add New Folder

A New Folder dialogue box will open. Under the name, enter a name for your new folder. Since, you will use it to store all open tabs in Chrome and Firefox, name it Last session or anything similar. 

Make sure you create the folder under Bookmarks bar folder as it would be easier to access later. 

After entering the name Save the folder. 

When you have all the tabs open that you want to save for later, right-click on any one of the tab and select Bookmark all tab. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + D to Bookmark all the tabs at once. 

Google Chrome bookmark all tabs

It will open a Bookmark all Tabs dialogue box. Here select your newly created folder to save all the bookmarks. Click on Save button to save All the open tabs. 

Next time when you want to relaunch all the open tabs of the previous session, open the Bookmark folder, right-click on the folder in which you have stored all the Tabs and select Open All Bookmarks.


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