Fix SIM Offline Error in Nokia X2


If you have been trying to flash a custom on your Nokia X2 smartphone, then the possibility is that you might have encountered the SIM offline error in Nokia X2. Most of the users are reporting this error, after trying to flash the Lovi OS custom ROM on Nokia X2. However, this could happen with any custom ROM.The SIM offline error occurs if you flash a wrong ROM on Nokia X2. Once flashed, you would be greeted with SIM offline error.

Talking about the fix for SIM offline error. Unfortunately, there seems to be no 100% working fix as of now. For some, the below-suggested fix has worked, and for some, the error doesn’t seem to go away. Nevertheless, we have a detailed guide on how to fix the SIM offline error in Nokia X2. Follow the steps and see if you can get rid of the error in your Nokia X2.

Note: This is a third-party fix and has gained mixed reviews.

Note: The below given fix has worked for some people, and some have complained that it is not working. So, give it a try to see if you can fix it.

Note: This process involves risk, so proceed at your own risk.


Rooted Nokia X2 (obviously you would have it).

Download and install Terminal Emulator. Get it from here.

[appbox googleplay jackpal.androidterm]

Download partition files. Get it from here.

Follow below steps to fix SIM offline error in Nokia X2. 

Begin by extracting the downloaded partition zip file. Next, move the extracted partition file to the SD card. After moving the file, make note of the location where the partition has been moved in the SD card as you will need it in the upcoming steps.

Now open Terminal Emulator and type the following command:


After entering the command, you will be prompted to grant superuser permissions. Allow it.

Now you have to flash the partitions one after another. Use the following command to flash the partitions.

Flash misc partition, enter the following command:

dd if=/storage/sdcard1/partition/misc.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p22

Flash Persist partition, enter the following command:

dd if=/storage/sdcard1/partition/persist.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p18

Flash Modem partition, enter the following command:

 dd if=/storage/sdcard1/partition/modem.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1

Once all the above partitions have been flashed, you need to reboot your phone. So, restart your Nokia X2.

After the reboot, you will still see the SIM offline error in Nokia X2. This is because, you need to flash the complete Nokia X2 firmware using the Nokia software recovery tool.

Download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool from here and flash the stock firmware back to Nokia X2. Once you have successfully flashed the firmware to Nokia X2, the SIM offline error should have been resolved.


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