Factory Reset iPhone without Password – Step by Step Guide

Factory Reset iPhone without Password

Modern smartphones know more about you than you know about yourself. We tend to store almost every data be it personal or professional on our smartphones or iPhones.  Since, your iPhone has so much info about you, you surely would like to keep it secure from the hands of strangers or unauthorized people. To make it easier, iPhone allows you to put a password lock on it so that only people with access to the password can access your iPhone. Nevertheless, things may go wrong anytime, and you may need to factory reset password locked iPhone.

Factory Reset iPhone without Password

There are several reasons why you would like to factory reset password locked iPhone. But, the most common given reason is that you have forgotten the password to unlock it. So, if you cannot remember your password, then you will be only left with the only choice and that is to factory reset iPhone. But, my iPhone has a password? Nevermind, because you can factory reset iPhone without password.

Another reason for doing this could be that you have purchased a used second-hand iPhone from someone, but you find out that the phone is password protected. Since, you recently bought the phone and you don’t have any important data stored in it, you are safe with factory resetting iPhone without password. Today, in this tutorial I will show you the best way to factory reset iPhone without password. So, let’s get started.

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Factory Reset iPhone without Password

Note: If you factory reset your iPhone, you will lose all the data on it. So, be sure about what you want to do.

Also, make sure that you don’t have Find My phone activated on your iPhone. If you factory reset iPhone, which has Find My phone activated then the phone will ask you to enter password after the factory reset.

With this method, you can factory reset iPhone 6S/5S/5C/4S/4/3gs/iPad and iPod. So, yeah, this would work with almost every version of the iPhone and iOS Device.


  • iTunes installed on your PC
  • A USB data cable to connect your iPhone to PC.

Follow these steps to factory reset iPhone without password.

Turn off your iPhone. To do this press and hold Sleep/wake-up button and slide to Turn off the phone.

Run iTunes on your PC. Once the iTunes opens, plugin the USB cable to the USB port.

Press and hold the Home button and insert the other end of the USB cable to your iPhone.

Once you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone, you can release the Home button.

iTunes will now detect your iPhone in recovery mode. You should see “The software on iPhone needs to be restored to factory settings or updated“.

Click on the Restore button. Note, restoring will erase all the data from your iPhone, if you don’t have your data backed up previously, then you will lose all the data in your phone.

Next, click on Restore and Update button to initialize the iPhone factory reset process. Wait until iTunes restores your iPhone to its factory default state. After the iPhone has been reset, you can remove the USB cable and setup your phone.


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