Download Turbo C++ For Android APK : Installation Guide


As a Computer application student, I learned C++, and that is when came across the Turbo C++. Turbo C++ is a compiler that allows you to compile and debug your C/C++ codes on PC. In programming, the Turbo C++ is an essential piece of software and allows you to test and run your C/C++ codes easily.

The C/C++ is very essential as said earlier because it is the basic foundation for several programming languages. If you have been into computer programing, you would have learned about the C/C++ as it is one of the most important language that a programmer will be learning in the initial days of computer programming.

Turbo C/C++ allows the students and programmers to test and run their codes on a computer. Learning C/C++ requires a lot of practice and even after learning it for decades you will not become perfect at it. However, to practice and to execute the code, the programmer would require a compiler and the Turbo C++ is the best compiler for this job. The last and final stable release of the Turbo C++ was made in 2006 after which the company stopped the active development.

Nevertheless, running Turbo C++ on your computer is a big task as it can be downloaded and installed easily. However, having the ability to run Turbo C++ on Android would make things a bit easier as you can test and execute small codes on your phone itself.

So, in this post, I will show you how to install Turbo C++ on Android. Here is how to download Turbo C++ for Android.

Download Turbo C++ For Android APK: Installation Guide

To install Turbo C++ on Android, you need to download two files from the links given below. One file is Turbo C++ app file and the second file will be any app to extract the .rar Turbo C++ file downloaded above.

So, download Turbo C++ for Android App file from (click on the download button below).


The Turbo C++ app file is a compressed file with the .rar extension, so you would need a .rar extractor to extract the Turbo C++ file to your computer. Download any .rar extractor for Android from the Google Play Store. Try Easy Unrar app on Google Play Store, which is one of the most popular .rar extractor for Android OS.

Once you extract the Turbo C++ file, you will see a folder named as TC with an APK file anDosBox.

To install Turbo C++ on Android, tap on anDosBox.apk and allow it to install.

After that, move the TC, folder to the root of your phone’s SD card.

Now run the installed anDosBox app. When the Dos Box opens, type the following commands one by one.

Cd tc
cd bin

After the commands are executed, you will see a blue screen similar to the Turbo C++ editing screen you have seen in your PC. Start writing your programs and executing them on Android phone.

Note: Do let us know if you find the download link broken. We will try to fix it ASAP.


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