Permanently Remove Your Games from the Steam Library

Permanently Remove Your Games from the Steam Library

Steam by Valve is the most popular online store for purchasing PC game. Steam is dominating the online digital game market as of now, and there seems to be no other contender that can be considered as a worthy alternative.

Permanently Remove Your Games from the Steam Library

Nevertheless, Steam is popular for its discounts on the game, Since, all the games from the steam are digital, you can get discounts on the game that otherwise would have been charged for providing a physical disk. I still prefer a physical disk over downloading the games online because of the size of the games which has reached above 30 GB.

Another advantage of using Steam is that you can play some new and not so popular titles. There are games on steam that you would have never heard of because the publisher is not into the marketing of the game.

Steam store is also known to provide discounts on most of the games in their library. The discount can go up to 75% on the festive season. Most of the discounts are being offered during Christmas or on Black Friday deals.

An avid PC gamer would like to buy as many games as possible during the festive season because the games are being offered at discounts. In such situation, you wouldn’t want to miss the offer and buy almost every game in the library available with huge discount.

Now, not all games you buy on Steam is a good game. You may download a game from Steam but would find it rather uninteresting. Over time, your steam library will be filled with too many games. You might have completed some of them, and some of them may not be as good as you thought they would be when you bought them.

Keeping games that you have already completed several times and the games you don’t want to play ever wouldn’t be a good idea. So, deleting unwanted and old games from your Steam library would be a good thing to do.

Earlier Steam did not provide any option to delete games from the Steam, desktop client. However, few months ago, the company added an option to its desktop client that allows you to permanently delete games from the Steam library.

So, if you are one those people who are looking for a way to get rid of their old games from the Steam library by permanently deleting games from the Steam library then here is how to do it.

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Remove Games from the Steam Library

Begin with logging into your Steam account. Go to Steam Help and log in with your Steam account details.

Select the game you want to delete or permanently remove from the Steam library.

Under What problem are you having with the product? Select I want to permanently remove this game from my account.

Next, confirm your decision by clicking Ok, remove the listed games/game from my account permanently.

Now the selected game will be permanently removed from your Steam account. If you want to reinstall the game you can do so as you achievements (if any) will not be removed.


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