How to Rename your Windows 10 PC

Rename Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 has been working great so far. Since, I had upgraded from the Windows 7 Pro, I didn’t see any app incompatibility as of now. There are some drivers issues with Windows 10. For example, the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers wouldn’t work, and you will get a message. There is also a  problem with Broadcom WLAN drivers. Though, the drivers came preinstalled with the Windows 10 work just fine. No, this is not an article about Windows 10 drivers, but I will be showing you how to rename your Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft released Windows 10 as a free upgrade. So, anyone who had genuine Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 installed, they can upgrade to the Windows 10 for free. But, to get a free copy of Windows 10, you needed to upgrade your Windows 7, Windows 8.1 running laptop to Windows 10 while keeping all the files intact. Basically, you cannot clean install Windows without upgrading first. Though there are workarounds that allow you to clean install Windows 10 without upgrading first as mentioned in an article here.

Now once you have upgraded and registered your laptop or PC to the Windows 10 key, you can proceed with the clean install. After the clean install, you are supposed to lose all your old files and program though you can reinstall them if you have a backup. Another thing you would notice is that your PC name has been set to a random number such as “Desktop-QVB5E7” etc.

If you are single user to your PC, then you may like to change the name. Changing the PC name or renaming the PC in Windows 10 is an easy task and can be done directly from the System Settings and About section. Follow these steps to learn how to rename PC in Windows 10.

How to Rename your Windows 10 PC

Go to Settings. To do this, click Start and then select Settings from the left side under “File Explorer”. You can also open Settings from the Action Center. Click on the “Action Center” icon at the bottom right side of your taskbar. When the Action Center opens click on the Gear icon stating All Settings. Alternatively, you can type Settings in the search bar and click on Settings from the search result.

Windows 10 Settings Open

From settings, click “System” and select the “About” tab at the left bottom.

Under PC section, you can see your current PC name and a Rename PC button. If you want to rename your Windows 10 PC, click the Rename PC button.

Next, you will be asked to type a name for your PC. Type your name and click OK. If you are using your First and second as the PC name, make sure that you don’t leave any blank spaces between the name. For example, if you want to rename your PC to Tashreef Shareef, type your name as Tashreef-Shareef. Leaving a blank space will show an error.

Rename Windows 10 PC

To complete the renaming process, you will be asked to restart the PC. You can select “Restart now” or ” Restart later” as you want.

After the restart, go back to Settings > System > About and look at your PC name. It should be set to what you have set up before the restart.

So, that was about how to rename your PC in Windows 10. If you have any tips, feel free to contact us.


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