Create Custom Run Command in Windows to Open Applications

Create custom run command in Windows

In Windows, the handiest feature I can think as of now is the Run dialogue box. The Run command feature in Windows OS allows you to open your preferred applications without having to click on the icon or without looking up for the program by searching it in the Cortana / Search bar. For example, I need to open command prompt frequently to turn on the WiFi hotspot on my PC. Though, I can create a batch file to enable WiFi hotspot; I still prefer to open the command prompt and enter the command manually. With the Run command box, all you have to do is type cmd and hit enter to open the command prompt window. So, to open command prompt press Windows Key + R, type cmd and hit enter. 

To open Google Chrome, press Windows Key + R, in the run dialogue box, enter Chrome and hit enter. That’s it! A new Chrome browser window will open. To open Mozilla Firefox or the Microsoft Edge, press Windows Key + R, type Firefox or edge in the Run dialogue box and hit enter. That’s it! This will open Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser window? Nope, this will not open Edge or Firefox browser, because there are no pre-defined commands to open Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  

The Run dialogue box is extremely handy as it allows you to open programs with ease because opening the Run dialogue box itself takes nothing more than a Windows Key + R combination. However, to make most out of the Run command box feature, we can create Run custom commands to open applications in Windows. So, in today’s post, I will show you how to create run custom commands in Windows to open your preferred application.  

So, let’s see how to create custom Run command in Windows. You may want to note that you can only create run commands for the applications that already don’t have command created for it. Also, note that you should have administrative access to the PC as you need to move the program shortcut to the Windows root folder. 

Create Custom Run Command in Windows to Open Applications  

Note: For this tutorial, I will create a custom run command for an application called IDM (Internet Download Manager). I am sure you are aware of IDM, for those who are not aware of it, IDM is the best internet download manager for your Windows PC.  

If you want to create a custom command for any other application, select the application for which you want to create custom run command. 

Step 1: Create Shortcut for your Application 

So the first step is to create a shortcut for the application for which you want to create custom Run command.  

So, right-click on the desktop and select New. From New, select Shortcut. 

Desktop new shortcut

It will open a new dialogue box. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where IDM is installed. By default, your installed programs in Windows are stored in C:/Program Files/Program folder. 

Since I am creating a custom run command for IDM, my location will look like C:/Program Files (x86)/Internet Download Manager.  

Once you are in the installation folder of your program, you need to select the .exe file. In this, I will select IDMan.exe  and click OK

Create custom run command select program

Click Next. Now you have to provide a name for your shortcut. So, provide a name that is short as well as easy to remember. Note that, the same name you will use in the Run dialogue box to open your program. Let me name it as IDM and click Finish. Now you can see the newly created shortcut for IDM on your desktop.  

Step 2: Move the Shortcut to Windows Folder 

Now that you have created a shortcut for your program, it is time to move it to your Windows root folder. So, right-click on the newly create shortcut and select Copy. 

IDM copy shortcut

Navigate to C:/Windows and right-click inside the folder. Select Paste to move the copied shortcut to Windows folder. If asked to provide administrative access, do it by clicking on Continue.  

Paste shortcut in Windows folder provide permission

Step 3: Run Custom Created Command  

Now that you have created the shortcut and moved the shortcut to Windows folder, it time to test it. To open IDM or whatever program you have selected, press Windows Key + R. It will open the Run dialogue box. Type your shortcut name, in this example IDM and hit enter. It will open IDM on your PC. Run IDM shortcut command

Follow similar steps to create custom run commands for all your programs.


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