Guide to Make a Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly


Gone are the days when you needed to have the PC or Laptop to access the internet. Nowhere days most of the people use their Smartphone to access Websites through the internet. In a recent report published by Statista, it has claimed that in 2013, 17. 4% of all web traffic has come through mobile device only. Now looking at this stat you can assume that how important a mobile friendly responsive website is.

This website is mobile friendly responsive

If you are a webmaster with an informative or business-oriented blog, then you should have a mobile friendly website or responsive theme on your blog. Most of the premium themes comes with responsive theme and adjust according to the mobile screen resolution, but if your website doesn’t have a responsive theme then here is how to make your website responsive to all kind of visitors and devices.

A recent Google update rewarded the website with responsive web design with a bump in traffic and higher ranking in Google search, whereas websites with non-responsive web design got hit slightly resulting in a loss of traffic and search ranking.  All said and done; every professional blog owner should be concerned about their blog design and its responsiveness.

You can know if your blog or website is responsive using one of the Google Speed test tools. It will show you a score after running a scan of your website on the result page. If your website scores fewer points in the test, then you should wake up and follow these resources to make your website responsive.

Method 1: Use Customized Mobile Site Builders

The easiest way to create a mobile friendly website is to use some ready made services like “Onbile” and “Dudamobile” etc.

Duda Mobile : DudaMobile  is an online mobile site building service which allows you to make your website mobile friendly. Duadmobile offers basic free account and premium account. A free account you can create Mobile friendly website, but to add more features you have to purchase premium plan.

Onbile: Onbile is same like Dudamobile. It provides a low-cost mobile version of your website with easy to use interface. It also has free and premium plans bonded with limitations and possibilities.

Method 2:  Use a Responsive Theme

As I said before, using a responsive theme is a much better alternative as your visitors can have the same experience irrespective of their device resolution or model. A responsive WordPress theme adjusts itself according to the screen resolution of the reader’s device and offers them best possible experience. But the thing is good responsive WordPress themes comes with a premium price tag (starts at $25). If you can afford them, then method 2 is the way to go.

Method 3: Use WordPress Plugins to Make Website Responsive

What makes WordPress different from all the other Content Management systems available in the Market? The large collection of plugins, for any problem you can find a plugin.

WordPress also has few plugins that can make a mobile version of your website. Have a look at them below.

WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin: WP Mobile Detector is one of the best free plugins that converts your device into a mobile version. This plugin can detect up to 5000 devices and adjust according to the screen resolution.

Features of WO Mobile Detector:

  • Automatic detection of mobile devices.
  • Detects over 5,000+ mobile devices.
  • Advanced mobile statistics including unique visitors, visits.
  • Mobile search engine bots.
  • Automatically formats content and resizes images.
  • 7 Pre-installed Mobile Themes.

WP Touch Pro: (Premium) The first WordPress Plugin in our list is WP Touch Pro. This Plugin creates a mobile version of your website.

Features of WP Touch Pro

  • Professionally Designed Mobile Themes.
  • Branding control.
  • Fast, efficient, and flexible.
  • Keep your desktop theme separate.

WPTap (Premium): WPTap is also a WordPress Plugin and converts your Website into a Mobile version. You can choose from hundreds of available mobile themes.

Features of WPTap

  • Top-notch Design & New Themes Periodically.
  • Full WordPress Features.
  • Fully Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

So, this is how to make a website Responsive and mobile friendly. Do you have better alternative or any suggestions? Let us now in the comments.


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