Control Asus Zenfone Devices using Windows PC


Almost every Android smartphone manufacturer has their unique software utility installed with their smartphones. These services are exclusive to the manufacturer and can come in handy at times. Even though most of the time, the Android manufacturers fill their devices with gimmick software tweaks, some of them can be useful. One of such software utility is PC link which comes pre-installed on  Asus manufactured Zenfone and Zenpad devices. If you own any of the Asus Zenfone and Zenpad devices, here is how to use PC Link to mirror and control Asus Zenfone device using Windows PC.

To begin with PC link is a simple software that allows you to view Zenfone screen on your PC. Also, you can control the Zenfone device using your Windows PC and provide input with mouse and keyboard. Having the ability to input text using the keyboard to Asus Zenfone device could come in hadny at times.

Another advantage of using PC Link with Windows PC is that you can view and get the notification displayed on your PC screen. This could come in handy if you are working on your PC and don’t want to unlock your phone to view the incoming notifications.

You can also customize the PC Link settings in your PC to do the following:

  • Mirror High-Quality Videos and Audio: It allows you to mirror high-quality videos from your Zenfone device to PC over USB cable or WiFi connection. You can play music from your Zenfone device, and it will be played via speakers connected to the PC. While mirroring any content from the Zenfone to PC, the Zenfone device display will turn off saving battery.
  • Push Notification: You can also choose which notification shows up on your PC screen. This would certainly help you with instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Mirror and Control Asus Zenfone Devices using Windows PC with PC Link

To use PC Link, you should have it installed on your PC as well as on your Zenfone device. The PC Link comes pre-installed on the Zenfone devices by default. So, you need to download PC link on your PC. In case, you don’t have PC link installed on your Zenfone device, download it from the Play Store using the link given below.

Step 1: Download and install PC link on PC and Zenfone Device

Begin with downloading PC Link to your PC from here. Once downloaded, proceed with the installation of the software.

Next, download and install PC Link on your Zenfone device from here, only if you don’t have it installed already.

Step 2: Connect and Setup PC Link

If you have installed PC Link in your PC and Zenfone device, next step is to connect the devices. To do this, run PC link on your PC and also PC Link in Zenfone device.

You can connect Zenfone device and PC using the data cable or you can also make use of WiFi network to connect the devices.  If you are using USB data cable, enable USB debugging on your Zenfone and then connect using USB data cable to your PC.

Wait for PC link on your computer to detect your Zenfone device. Once detected, select the device name and PC link will start mirroring screen from the Zenfone device to your PC. This way, whatever you play on your Zenfone screen will be displayed on your big PC monitor.

Asus PC Link Connected to PC detected Zenfone

There are quite a few shortcuts to do some quick task on your Zenfone from your PC. You can bring it up by pressing the downwards arrow button at the bottom of the PC screen.

The options you will see on the screen are Power, Volume, Screen Rotation, Screenshots, Recording, and Settings. I think, the shortcuts are self-explanatory and exactly does the job as their name suggests.

PC Link on PC Options

The only thing you may want to know is that the Power shortcut will lock or unlock your phone and not turn it off. During the use, the PC link did work pretty well and had no issues mirroring the Asus Zenfone screen for more than an hour on WiFi. Though, you may see glitches in the beginning, but after few minutes mirroring will work smoothly.

Note: To mirror Zenfone screen to PC over WiFi you need Android 5.0 Lollipop running device. If not, you can only mirror screen using the USB data cable.


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