Automatically Shutdown PC When Firefox Finishes a Download

Automatically Shutdown PC When Firefox Finishes a Download

Is it 2 AM? Are you still not sleeping despite feeling sleepy? Or you want to go out, but couldn’t go, because you have put something on download in your Firefox browser and you are waiting for the download to complete so that you could shut it down? Firefox indeed has the best download manager compared to any web browser as of now. You can pause the download on Firefox and later resume it, even if you choose to close the browser and restart it, unlike Chrome. However, not all of us want to pause the download and resume it later because you got to shutdown your PC.

This is the reason why some of the most popular downloading managers for Windows comes with a feature, which allows you to shutdown your PC when the download completes. This comes in handy if you are getting late to somewhere or you want to get some sleep, but want your PC to be shut down as soon as the download completes.

Now coming to the Firefox, the browser comes with the best download manager compared to other browsers but doesn’t have a feature to shutdown your PC when all the downloads are completed automatically. Though you can pause and resume your download later, but there is a way out. With this, you don’t need to wait till all the downloads in Firefox are completed before you can shutdown the PC.

To automatically shut down the PC Firefox after the download completes, we will be using an extension called Auto Shutdown NG for Firefox. It is a very useful add-on available for Firefox which can shutdown, log off, sleep, hibernate and restart your PC after all downloads are finished.  The Add-on will execute a command to do these tasks automatically. Apart from Windows PCs this add-on can be also used with Linux version of Firefox.

Automatically Shutdown PC When Firefox Finishes a Download

Begin with downloading and installing the Auto Shutdown NG add-on for Firefox from here. Click on the install button to install it.

The add-on will install instantly and you don’t need to restart your Firefox browser to install it. One the add-on has been installed, a power icon will appear on the Firefox toolbar.

Automatically Shutdown PC When Firefox Finishes a Download

Clicking on the Auto Shutdown NG icon from the toolbar will open preference window. Note that this is for the first time only as you have to set the add-on for the task. If you want to open the preference window again, you can do this from Add-ons > Auto Shutdown NG and click on Preferences.

From the preferences window, you can set notification time. The Notification time (in seconds)  is the time which starts after the download completes and remaining time before the command will be executed to shutdown the computer. Once the timer starts, you can click on Cancel to cancel it, before the time runs out.

This extension is also compatible with “Downthemall” add-on for  Firefox. So, if you happen to use it, then you can integrate Auto Shutdown NG with it.


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