How to Use Right-Click on ChromeOS running Chromebook

How to Right-Click on ChromeOS running Chromebook

Chromebooks are the new product lineups, which are still trying to make a dent in the PC or portable PC such as laptop market. Chromebooks are powered by ChromeOS developed by Google. The ChromeOS is based on Linux Kernel and has been designed to work with web applications from Chrome store and installed applications, which is limited.  You can read more about the features and functions of Chrome OS on the official forum.

How to Right-Click on ChromeOS running Chromebook

Now Chromebooks such as Samsung Chromebook doesn’t have a right-click button, unlike your typical laptops have. This is same with almost all the Chromebooks out there.

Now if you want to open a link from a webpage in a new tab, you cannot right-click to bring up the options. However, you can certainly open with a shortcut (Ctrl + click ). There are several other occasions where you would miss the right-click option in the Chromebook.

By default, there is no option to right-click in Chromebook as it doesn’t have right-click button. And you may need to wait until the manufacturers actually think of adding one.

However, if you have bought a Chromebook and looking for a way to have the right-click option in your Chromebook, here are few workarounds.

How to Right-Click on ChromeOS running Chromebook

Instead of using the physical right-click button, there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts, which can be used as Right-click in Chromebook.  The first option is tapping with Two fingers, the second option is to use the ALT key in your keyboard and the last option is to use a third party external mouse.

1: Use Two Fingers Tap feature

The two finger tap on your Chromebook’s trackpad would be treated as a right-click. After tapping with two finger, you will see the options related to right-clicking. This is a handy feature, and once you get used to it, you would hardly miss the physical button in the Chromebook.

2: Use ALT key of your Chromebook Keyboard

Now if you don’t want to use the two finger tap option, you can make use of the ALT key in your keyboard. To bring up the right-click options, press and hold the ALT key and then tap on the trackpad or mouse pad.

3: Use an External USB Mouse

 If you would like to use a physical key rather than holding down the ALT key or using two finger tap feature, it’s better to buy an external USB mouse for your Chromebook, You can connect the external USB mouse to your Chromebook using the USB port.

However, the only disadvantage with an external mouse would be the portability issue.


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