Fix Windows PC Does Not Detect my Android Phone

Fix Android Phone not detected Windows PC

Connecting your Android phone to a Windows PC was never a difficult task as Windows easily detects and connects your device to it.  However, at times  Windows will not detect you Android phone and this would drive you crazy. In today’s round, we will be learning how to fix Windows not detecting Android Phone error.

Fix Android Phone not detected Windows PC

The advantage of having an Android phone is that  it will easily connect to your Windows PC without any third-party software tool requirement. Your Android phones come with inbuilt drivers which are compatible with Windows PC. As soon as you connect your Android phone to PC, the drivers start installing. In  a few minutes, you would be connected your Windows PC.

By connecting Android phone to Windows PC, you will be able to transfer your files from Android phone to PC or vice versa. This method of transferring files is the fastest method for transfer of data between Android and PC.

This would also come in handy if you want to install an Android app using the app APK. You can download the Android apk to your PC and then move it to Android phone SD card.

Now coming to the  not detecting error, it is a common problem for Android users. I was able to connect to the PC using USB cable in the morning, but when I woke up my PC from sleep, the Windows PC was not detecting my Android phone.

The reason for this error could be anything from a corrupted driver to faulty USB cable or USB port. Since we cannot be sure of the reason for this error as it varies depending on the phone and PC, here I have listed all the possible fixes for this error.

 Fix Windows PC Does Not Detect my Android Phone

#1: Restart your Windows PC

This has to be the most simple fix for this error. At times when you wake up your PC from the sleep, it may cause a temporary error, which will prevent your PC from detecting Android phone.

What you can do here is remove the USB cable and shut down your PC completely. Give it a minute and then restart. Plug in the USB cable to PC’s USB port and connect the micro USB port of your Phone with the other end of the cable. If this was a temporary error, your Android phone should be detected by Windows.

#2: Change the USB Port

Another simple solution for this error is to change the USB port. Plug in your USB cable to another USB port of your PC and then reconnect the Android phone. This error can occur if one of your USB port starts malfunctioning. Try to connect the USB cable to back of your PC’s USB port rather than side or front.

It is also recommended to keep changing your USB port preference to keep all of them functioning and not leaving them idle to malfunction or get corrupted.

#3: Update Android Device Driver

Every Android OEM (original equipment manufacturer) provide their own USB drivers for the device. Even though Windows PCs do come with generic USB drivers for Android, it’s always recommended to use the one provided by your manufacturer. Also, check if the new version of USB driver is available for your Android phone.

You can usually find the latest version of compatible USB drivers for your phone from the manufacturer’s website. You can get USB drivers for popular manufacturers like Samsung, Asus, LG, HTC provide USB drivers on their official site.

#4: Reinstall the USB Drivers

At times, the USB drivers might get corrupted and may prevent your Android phone from connecting to Windows PC. What you can do here is uninstall the USB driver from device manager and then reinstall it. You can download the USB drivers from manufacturer’s website.

To uninstall the USB driver, go to Device Manager from Control panel and then uninstall the USB driver or your phone listed in the portable device section.

Next, restart your PC. After the PC restarts, connect your Android phone to PC and let Windows scan for the hardware changes and reinstall the USB driver for your smartphone. This should fix the Windows does not detect Android phone error.

#5: Restart your Phone and Connect as MTP (Media Device)

When you connect USB cable to PC and your Phone, a message pops asking to connect as media storage option. Or you may need to connect your Phone as MTP manually. So, even if your phone is connected to PC properly, Windows may not detect it as your Android phone is preventing it from doing so.

So, restart your Android phone. Connect it using the USB cable, go to Settings > Storage > USB computer connection and enable Media device (MTP) option.

If you are connecting your Android phone for development purpose or rooting purpose, you may need to enable USB debugging in it. To do this go to Settings, tap on About Phone, and then tap on Build Number 5 times.

Once the Developer Option is enabled, go to Settings, tap on Developer Option and enable USB debugging.

Enabling USB debugging is essential if you are trying to root your Phone. As you won’t be able to root your phone without enabling USB debugging first. Once enabled, reconnect your phone to PC and see if the device is detected.

#6: Check your USB Cable

If nothing seems working, you may need to check if you have faulty USB driver itself. Try to connect your Android phone using the USB cable to any other PC and see if that PC can detect it. If not, you may need to change the USB cable itself.

So, these were some of the handy recommendation to fix the Android phone not detected error in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 PCs. If nothing seems working, take your phone to the nearest service center and check if the phone has fault micro USB port.

Do let us know what has worked for you in the comments below. This would also help other readers to fix this error in their phone.

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