Top Best Torrent Sites to Download Torrents


Top Best Torrent Sites to Download Torrents: The word Torrent is nothing new if you spend your most of the time on the internet, nor it would be new to you if you have a webholic friend.  Now what one needs to understand is that, torrents are not necessarily bad or the word torrent not necessarily needs to be offensive or illegal as the general perception goes.  Some big torrent sites allow you to download almost everything and anything. Legal or illegal, it depends on the user whatsoever. Torrents are the new way of content sharing without putting stress on a single server while leaching, thus making the sharing of contents more efficient through P2P. There are several hundred torrents sites on the web, but which one among them are the most trusted and the best? Let’s find out this in our round of top best torrent sites.

 Top Best Torrent Sites to Download Torrents

Note: Before downloading any torrent, make sure that the owner has copyright to the work they are distributing.
Note: We haven't given any links to the official website as they are tend to go down because of server issues. You can alway find the official website with a simple Google search.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Of course, The Pirate Bay would be the first name you would hear if you talk about torrent sites.  The Pirate Bay hosts a huge collection of magnet links, which allows the users to download torrents. To download torrents, you should get a torrent client like Utorrent by Bittorrent. Utorrent is again one of the popular name among the torrent users. What you have to do is, visit the official website of the Pirate Bay, search for legal available stuffs that you would like to download and get the downloading link. You have to open the link using any torrent client and the download will begin. It’s recommended that you always read the comment in that torrent before beginning the download.

2. Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents is yet another popular name among torrent users. It caters torrent files and magnet links to accommodate peer-to-peer file sharing. However, you still need to download Bittorrent to download any torrent. It was started in 2009 and became one of the most popular torrent site by 2013. It has a search engine, which allows you to search any kind of contents.

3. Torrentz


Torrentz is yet another popular torrent search engine, which fetches results from dozens of search engine. The user can enter the keyword and hit search button. Then Torrentz will search for a keyword from several search engine. All you need is a torrent client and a unlimited data connection to download torrents.



BitSnoop is another torrent site, which works as a torrent search engine. A good thing about this torrent site is that it makes sure that no duplicate links indexed. When the user enter  a keyword, it looks for the all the matching torrents available on the internet, and will index them based on the number of seeders and leechers a torrent link has.


5. Extra Torrents

Extra TOrrent

Extra Torrent is yet another torrent site, which allows you to search for the torrents using the search bar. It acts as a torrent search engine and finds the results based on your keyword from several search engine. Apart from downloading torrents, users can also choose to host files and upload them to the Bittorrent server.


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