How to Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phone

Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones

How to Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones: Recently, Windows Phone have become quite popular among the Youth especially. The Windows Phone market has seen the rise in terms of market share though it is still behind iOS and Android in large numbers. With the rise of Windows Phone smartphones, complaints about common problems in Windows Phone has also increased. In today’s article, we will be looking at one such problem or error which is common among Windows Phone smartphones.

Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones

Unlike Android device, you definitely have the advantage of a lag free performance even in low-end Windows Phone smartphones. However, this is not enough to fix some common problem in Windows Phone. One such error is error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones.

The Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones occurs when to try to download any app from Windows phone store. Another problem you might face is WhatsApp not connecting to the Internet, Internet only working with Internet explorer, not allowing you to access any SMS or your accounts page in Setting and Windows Phone store not connecting to the store.

Now there is no exact solution for this error as the reason for Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones could vary depending on the device. So, in this post I will be listing all the best available solutions to fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones. Do try each one of them one after another until your problem is resolved or the error gets fixed.

Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones

I have listed all the available methods in steps, so follow all the steps to fix this error in Windows phone smartphones like Nokia Lumia, HTC windows Phone device and Lava Win etc.

Step 1: Free Up Storage Space in your Phone

One of the quickest fixes for this error would be making some free storage space in your Windows phone. For proper functioning of the phone, always keep some free store available in your device. So, begin with deleting repeated media contents like Music, videos, and duplicate pictures. Also delete, any old backup if you don’t want them anymore, your old work related documents etc.

Step 2: Connect to Microsoft Account Manually and Synchronize

By trying to synchronize Microsoft account manually, you can fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones. To do this go to Settings and  tap on Email + Accounts. Tap and hold and Microsoft Account and select Synchronize.

Step 3: Set Correct Time and Date

Setting up correct time and date in you Windows Phone smartphone can fix Error Code 805a8011. To do this, go to Settings > Time and Date and set it according to your local date and time. One done, reboot your Windows Phone and see if the issue has been resolved.

Step 4: Add New Microsoft Live Account

This error in Windows phone can also occur even if you have entered correct username and password. At times, your Email account may not be functional though you can use it to connect to old services on your Phone. What you can do is, create a new Microsoft Live account and add it to your Windows Phone.

Go to and create a new Live account by entering your correct details. Once done, go to Settings > Emails + Accounts > Add Email and enter your new Microsoft Live account username and password and sign in.

After this, try to download that app which was giving Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phone and see if the error has gone away.

Step 5: Reset your Windows Phone

Did nothing fix this error? You may need to perform a reset of your Windows Phone. Most of the time, resetting the phone fixes any software related issue which may occur because of device corruption. To reset Windows Phone 8.1 phone go to Settings > About > Reset your Phone > Tap Yes > Tap Yes and wait until you phone has been reset.

The Windows Phone 8 users can reset their Phone by following these steps:

  • Turn off / switch off your Windows Phone.
  • Press and hold, Volume down key and plug-in your charged and wait until you see the Exclamation mark.
  • Once you  see it, press Volume up then  Volume Down then Power  Key and then Volume Down. This will reset your Windows Phone 8 to factory default.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phone as mentioned by other users. Do let us know you thoughts and comments in the comments below.


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