Send Google Maps Direction from Desktop to Android


Google Maps is one of the most popular direction service available for smartphone users and Desktop users. Recently, Google updated its Google Maps services for iOS and added  a new feature which allows the users to send Google Maps direction from Desktop to their iOS device. However, with the latest  update Google has released the same feature for Google Maps user on Android. In today’s around we will see how to send Google Maps direction from Desktop to Android.

Send Google Maps Direction from Desktop to Android

The latest direction sending feature of Google Maps for Android came with the latest update to the app. This allows you to send directions to a place directly to your Android smartphone or a tablet from the Desktop / PC.  With this feature you don’t required to download and install any other third-party apps which allows you to send push notifications from the desktop to an Android device.

How it works? Once the user sing in’s to his Google account and search for a place on desktop, a small click Send to device option below the address of the location could be seen. Now when you click on Send to device button, it would send the direction to your Android device. If you have connected to several Android devices using the same Google account, then all your Android devices connected to the internet will receive the Google Maps direction you sent from the Desktop. Once you Receive the push notification, open it with your Google Maps on Android to see the location or the place. Follow below given steps to do the same.

Note: Don't forget to update Google Maps on your Android device to the latest available version before trying this feature.

Step by Step guide to know how to send Google Maps Direction from Desktop to Android

Step 1: Login to your Google account  on your Desktop and open Google Maps.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, search for the place for which you want to send the direction.

Step 3: After the search is complete, you will see a small “Send to Device”button.

Step 4: Click on Send to Device button and the Google Maps direction will be sent to your Android device.

Now, if you have logged in to Google account on your Android device, then you should get a push notification. Open the push notification and you will be able to see the direction or the place on  Google Maps.


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