Script / Code to Add All Friends to Facebook Group at Once


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website with millions of users from across the world. Apart from simply making friends on Facebook, it also allows its users to make Facebook group and create Facebook pages for your company or organisation. Though, creating Facebook group doesn’t take much of your time, the toughest part must be adding members to your group.  Fortunately, Facebook allows its users to add friends to their Facebook group. It might look like a time-consuming task, but we have a work around.  In today’s around we will see how to add all the friends to Facebook group at one.

Script Code to Add All Friends to Facebook Group at once

To do this we would be using a java script with a help of inspect elements feature in your web browser. Using a script comes in handy if you have too many friends, like more than 1000 friends on Facebook and you want to add all of them to your group, but adding them manually isn’t feasible. This scrip would only take few minutes to add all friends to Facebook group depending upon your friends list.

Another advantage of using Script over third-party Google Chrome extension is that you can save your profile from getting spammed by these extensions. Follow below given steps to know the code to add all friends to Facebook group.

Follow below given steps to know how to add all friends to Facebook group

Step 1: Open Facebook and login using your username and password.

Step 2: Once logged in, open the Facebook group for which you want to add all the friends.

Step 3: Now while you are in the group, press F12 or right-click and select Inspect Elements.

Step 4: Now click on Console tab if you are already not in the tab.

Step 5: Now copy the below given code / script and press enter.

Click here to copy the code

Step 6: Once you have pasted the code, hit enter to execute it.

That’s it! In no time all your friends will be added to your Facebook group. So, this was about how to add all  friends to Facebook Group. Do let us know your views in the comments below.


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