How to Cut Videos Using VLC Media Player on Windows


We previously posted an article about how to cut MP3 songs on VLC Media Player. And in today’s round we will see how to cut Videos using VLC Media Player on Windows.

VLC Media Player is definitely one of the most popular media player Windows users can have. Recently the same also was made available for Windows Phone and Android users. However, what most of the users don’t know is that VLC Media Player is more than just a media player. Apart from the fact that VLC Media Player can play almost all major audio and video formats without any problems, it can also act as a 3D player, streaming player, MP3 cutter, Screen Recorder or even as a video cutter or video trimmer.

The video trimming feature we would be talking about isn’t a default feature in VLC media player, but more of a work around using its screen recording feature. Though this features may not be like a sophisticated video editor offers, but still it would work fine for non-professional video trimming when you don’t have access to a video editor. However, do note that, this would only work with short length videos ranging from few seconds to few minutes. You might just have to look for a sophisticated player if you want to trim hours long video. Follow below given steps to know how to cut video using VLC Media player.

How to Cut Videos Using VLC Media Player on Windows

  1. Begin with opening VLC Media Player and open / play your video
  2. While you have paused the video, click on View and select Advanced Controls

How to Cut Videos Using VLC Media Player on Windows

  1. This would bring up 4 buttons below the slider bar which also includes record button
  2. Now skip and Play the video from where you want to start the trimming and click on the record button ( Red button) which will start recording
  3. Now you can’t skip the end, but have to let the video play and click on record button once again when you want to stop the trimming.

That’s it! You have successfully trimmed a video using VLC Media Player. As I said earlier, this is not a trimming feature, but merely a work around. However, this would come in handy if you have to make short video clips out of your videos.




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