How to Turn Off Or Disable Ads in uTorrent


uTorrent is one of the best torrent downloading clients available for public because of its clean and light weight model. However, recently the developers of uTorrent decided to display ads to the uTorrent users, and it was mostly expected from the developers. Now if you are getting annoyed by the ads then here is how to Turn off or Disable ads in uTorrent. 

How Turn off or Disable ads in uTorrent

Turn off or Disable ads in uTorrent: The ultra size of uTorrent which little over 1MB makes it easier to download on any device. And the installation process of uTorrent is also ultra fast and will never eat up resources of your system. Compared to other torrent downloading clients, uTorrent downloads your files as quickly and efficiently as possible without making much difference on your browsing speed. You can use the advanced settings to access features like automation, scripting, remote management and more. It also comes with bundles giving direct access to a over thousands of artist and contents on the go.

However, the developers needs to have a stable income source and displaying ads on uTorrent will make it possible.  Most of the ads in uTorrent are related to the contents and are safe. There are no adult ads displayed on uTorrent. The ads on uTorrent doesn’t interfere with your usage, still if you are annoyed with the ads in uTorrent then there is a easy way to disable it. Follow below given steps to know how to turn off ads in uTorrent.

How Turn off or Disable ads in uTorrent

  1. Start by opening your uTorrent client.
  2. Next, navigate to Options and Preferences.
  3. Next, click on Advanced and type in “offers” or “sponsored” in the Filter input field. Now hit enter to perform the search or filter based on your entered query.
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom till you see “offer.left_rail_offer_enabled” and “Offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled”  and change the value to false. (Refer image below).
  5. Once done, click on OK to save the settings.

How to disable ads in uTorrent

Now that you have disabled ads in uTorrent, restart your uTorrent client and see if the ads have been disabled or not. That’s it! You have successfully disabled ads in uTorrent. Now if you are using BitTorrent instead of uTorrent then also you can follow the same steps given above to disable ads in it.


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