How to Hide Files in Mac OS X by Creating Hidden Folders


Mac OS X is one of the most popular OS though it could be only used with an Apple Mac. It offers its users great number feature and steady performance for the premium price tag it comes for.  Even if you are long time Mac users running any latest version of OS X, there are some feature which you might not be aware of. And one of these feature is the ability to hide and files and folders on your Mac by creating hidden folders that too without the need of any other third-party tool. Here is how you can create hidden folders in Mac OS X and hide your files and folders easily.

Mac OS X  How to Hide Folders

Creating hidden folder or hiding your files on Mac OS X is easier than thought and would take only few minutes of your  time. You can hide files and folders on your Mac OS X using the terminal command. Follow the below given steps to create hidden folders in Mac OS X.

Note: If you are a Windows users, follow this guide to know how to hide files and folders in Windows.

How to Hide Files in Mac OS X by Creating Hidden Folders

Step 1:  Open Terminal command window. To do this, go to Applications > Utilities and open Terminal.

Step 2: In the Terminal command window, type in the following piece of command but don hit enter yet:

chflags hidden

Step 3: Now drag and drop the folder you want to hide to terminal windows. As you can see the folder path will be added after chflags hidden command. However, don’t forget to copy the path or remember it as you many need it to view your folder again.

Step 4: Now press enter to hide the folder.  Don’t worry the folder is still their, but just become invisible. However, if you use the finder to find the folder, you will not find it by default.

Now that you hidden the folder in OS X Mac, here is how to access a hidden folder in Mac OS X.

Find / Access Hidden Folder in OS X

Step 1: Click on Go Menu and select Go to Finder.

Step 2: Now enter the path of the folder where you have hidden the folder. Example, if you have hidden the folder in Documents then enter ~/Documents/yourfoldername and hit enter.

That’s it. This is how you can hide files and folders in Mac OS X by hiding the folder.


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