How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498 in Android


Ever faced the Google Play Store error 498 while downloading apps or games? Well, this error is common among Android users who use Play Store to download apps and games on their device. However, the fix for this error is also available and can be fixed with ease.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498 in Android

As I said the error 498 in Play Store occurs when you try to download apps or games from Play Store. However, this error usually occurs when your Android doesn’t have sufficient storage space to install new Android apps or games. This error can cause even if you have insufficient storage in your external storage. By storage we mean cache partition in your Android device which varies from device to device. Fortunately, there are few methods following which you can Fix Google Play Store Error 498.

Step 1: Fix Error 498 by Clearing Cache of Google Play Store

The first and easiest method to Fix Google Play Store Error 498 on your Android device is by clearing Google Play Store cache. Follow below given steps to know how to clear cache.

1.  Tap on Settings,  then Application Manager.

2. Tap on Google Play Store and select Force Stop.

3. Now tap on Clear Data and then tap on Clear Cache.

That’s it. Now that you have cleared the cache, see if this fixes error 498 in Google Play Store.

Step 2: Fix Error 498 by Deleting  Access Point and Changing WiFi Network

Now if the first method didn’t work for you then you can try the second most common method and that is changing your Access point or Changing your WiFi Network. In case you use your cellular network like 3G / 2G to download content then delete your current access point, reboot your device and add access point again.

Now if you use a WiFi network to download and apps games then try changing your WiFi Network or try to reconnect to your WiFi Network by disconnecting.  See if this resolves error 498 in Google Play Store .

Step 3: Fix Error 498 in Google Play Store by Clearing Dalvik cache

Now if nothing seems resolving the error 498 in your Android device then last method left is clearing Cache and Dalvik cache. Here is how to clear Dalvik cache to Fix Google Play Store Error 498.

1. Turn off your Android device.

2. Now reboot into recovery. Every device has a different combination to boot into recovery. Simply Google / Bing for a method to boot your device into recovery mode.

3. Once you’re in Recovery menu, go to Wipe cache partition.

4. Next, go to advanced and select Wipe Dalvik cache

5. Now go back to Recovery Menu and select Reboot System Now.


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