How to Save Web Files Directly to Cloud Storage using Ballloon


Ever wanted to save files from Web directly to Cloud storage services like Google Drive etc? Here is how you can save web files directly to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google drive.

If you use Google service, then you know that you get 15GB of free storage on Google Drive. You can store anything from your files to media content on Google Drive. However, most of us never make use of 15 GB storage.

Now since you have plenty of storage left on your Google Drive account, you can use it to store files from web to you Google Drive account. This would come in handy, when you don’t have any method to download contents directly to your computer or portable storage device locally.

Now either you can save the download link or you can make use of service like Ballloon which allows you to save web files directly to your cloud storage account. Ballloon is a Google Chrome extension, which allows the users to save any web files to their cloud storage account with a click. If you are not on Google Drive then Ballloon also support cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Copy and SugarSync. Here is how you can use Ballloon.

How to Save Web Files Directly to Cloud Storage using Ballloon

1. Start with Adding Ballloon extension to your Google Chrome browser.  Install Ballloon.

2. Once you have successfully added Ballloon to Chrome, restart the browser.

3. Now you should see Ballloon icon in Chrome’s extension bar (top right corner).

4. Next, click on Ballloon icon and click on Sign in with Google.

5. Now login to your Google account using your Gmail credentials. Next Authorize Ballloon to access your Google Drive Storage by clicking on Accept.

6. Once done, now whenever you want to save any web files to Google Drive account simply right click on it and select Save to and then select Google Drive from the list.

That’s it! Now your file will be saved in your Google Drive account. If you are not using Google Drive account, you use DropBox, Box or any other cloud storage service by authorizing Ballloon to access it. ¬†All your saved files will be stored in Balllooon folder with categories.


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