How to Hide and View Hidden Files on Android


Your Android smartphones and Tablet doesn’t come with any inbuilt feature to hide files and folders. Nor with the ability to view any hidden files. However, you can achieve both with the  help of third-party apps. Here is how to view hidden files on your Android device.

Since Android doesn’t support hiding files and folders by default, Android app developers came up with several apps which can do this. And one of the best Apps to do this is ASTRO File Manger. It is also one of the best File Manager for Android device.

With ASTRO File manager you can hide or view hidden files on your Android device.  Here is how you can view hidden files and folders on your Android with the help of ASTRO File Manager.

How to View Hidden Files on Android

Step 1: Download and Install ASTRO File Manager from Google Play Store on your Android device. ( Click here to download)

Step 2: Once installed, open ASTRO File Manger.

Step 3: Now select Storage location (Internal memory or External SD card)

Step 4: Next, tap on Option menu  (three dot icon right side corner)

Step 5: Next, tap on Advanced Tab, and check Show Hidden files. Tap OK to view them.

That’s it! Now all the hidden files and folders on your Android device should be visible in the list. Now if you want to hide those files again, then simply uncheck the Show Hidden file box in the Advance tab. This could come in handy if you have copied files from your Desktop your device and it isn’t visible in normal file manager, you can make use of ASTRO File manager.


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