Find Out What is Taking Up Space on your Computer’s Hard Drive on Windows


Facing low space problem on your Windows PC? Here is how you can find out what is taking up space on your Computer’s hard disk running on Windows.

Today’s computers come with terabytes of storage and if you want you can add more. Your new computers shows plenty of free storage, but as the time passes it gets filled up and you will face low storage problem.

Every computer user has this habit of downloading files to their computer, but hardly remember to delete those files as they never feel the need to do so. However, what happens is that, after few month your hard drive will be full and you will be out of space on your PC.

Now in such situations, the best thing you could do is do regular clean up of your hard drive so that you could get rid of unwanted files resulting in more free space. Now the problem is how to find all those files and folders which are taking up space on your hard drive?

Well, there are two ways to do this. Either you can make use of Windows Explorer to find all those files manually one at a time or you can use a free Windows utility called TreeSize. Here is how you can make use of TreeSize to find out which files and folders are taking up space on your Hard Drive on Windows.

Find and Delete Large Files and Folders using TreeSize

TreeSize is a free windows utility and it shows the user detailed list of files and folders and the amount of space occupied by those folders and drives. This utility is simple to use and comes with simple user interface. Here is how to do the same.

Step 1: Download and Install TreeSize on your computer.

Step 2: Once Installed, run TreeSize with Administrative rights. To do this, right-click on TreeSize and select Run as Administrator.

Step 3: Once the tool is up and running, click on Scan button (top right).

Step 4: Next, select the drive which you want to scan and free up the space.

Step 5: Now wait till TreeSize scans the selected drive and shows the list.

Once the list has been created, you will see the detailed list of folder with the space occupied by them. Right click any folder and select delete to delete that folder instantly.


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