Copy PS4 Save Game Data to USB Storage Device


Your PS4 allows you to save your Game data on the hard disk. However, in case you want to move or copy save game data from PS4 to your USB Storage device then here is how to do it.

By default PS4 allows you to save your game data on your Hard Disk, thus making it easier to continue your game from where you have left it. Alternatively, you can also store your save game data online on PlayStation network if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. However PlayStation Plus comes with a limitation of 1GB or 1000 files storage.

Now since your PS4 only comes with 500GB of free storage, you will run out of storage pretty soon if you are tend to have huge collection of Games. Fortunately, you can easily upgraded your PS4 hard disk all by yourself with ease. Nevertheless, since you are going to upgrade your Hard disk, you might also want to copy your save game data to your new storage device.

Now to do this, you can first copy PS4 game data to your USB flash drive and then can easily copy or move it your newly installed PS4 hard disk. Here is how to copy PS4 save game data to your USB storage device.

Copy PS4 Save Game Data to USB Storage Device

Step 1: Format your USB Flash drive in Fat32 / ExFat Format.

Step 2: Now connect your USB flash drive to your PS 4.

Step 3: Go to PS4 Settings and under Settings section select, Application Saved Data Management.

Step 4: Next, select Saved Data in System Storage option.

Step 5: Now, select Copy to USB Storage Device.

Step 6: Now you will presented with all the games saved data. Select any game from the list.

Step 7: Select your Game SaveData and then select Copy.

That’s it! Now wait till the save game data has been copied to your USB device. Once done, remove the USB device and you can move it to any other compatible device.



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