How to Scan and Convert Images to Text on Android and iPhone and Export to MS Word


Microsoft recently released its Photo and document scanning app Office Lens for Android and iOS devices. The Office Lens app is already available for Windows Phone devices. Now, here is how you can scan and convert images to text on Android and iPhone and export it to MS Word or Point using the Office Lens app.

office Lens in Action

The Office Lens app can scan a document and convert images to text. The text can be exported to MS Office like Word etc.  Apart from exporting it to MS word, you can also send the text to OneNote app, save it as PDF on OneDrive or on your native storage. Here is how you can make use of Office Lens to scan and convert images to text and then export it to MS word, OneNote and OneDrive.

How to Scan and Convert Images to Text on Android and iPhone and  Export to MS Word

Note: Office Lens requires logging in with your Microsoft Account.

Start by download and installing the app on your iOS and Android device. If you own a Windows Phone then you can get the app from Windows Phone Store. The link for downloading this app could be found at the bottom of this article.

The Office Lens app comes with three modes including Photo – for scanning photos, Document – for image to text conversion and Whiteboard – for capturing a blackboard or Whiteboard.

Once downloaded and installed, open the Office Lens app on your smartphone.  Office Lens will ask to provide access to your device’s camera. Next, hold it over the document / text / image you want to scan and tap on Capture button.

Now the app will start to scan the document you have captured. Once the document has been scanned, you can either crop the image or go for retake in case the first capture isn’t satisfactory. If you are fine with the capture then tap on Done.

Once the scanning process has been completed, you have the option to export the scanned document to MS Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, save it as PDF or send to mail app on the iPhone. The conversion process takes time based on the type of conversion. In case of image to text conversion, the Office Lens app should take less than a minute. However, if you want to export a scanned image document to PowerPoint then it might take more than five minutes.

Microsoft Lens app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users. The Android users are yet to get the stable version, but still can download the preview version. We have also reviewed similar kind of tools for Windows PC and Mac. You can read the review of Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review: Convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint & More.

Install Office Lens for iOS (iPhone)

Install Office Lens for Windows Phone

Install Office Lens for Android (Link coming soon)


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