How to Run Android Apps and Games on Chrome with ARC Welder on Windows, Mac and Linux


The result of Google’s effort to integrate Chrome and Android ecosystem is now out in the form of Google ARC Welder extension. The ARC Welder is an extension for Google Chrome desktop version. This extension allows the users to install and run Android apps on Google Chrome running Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS powered devices. Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

If you are hearing about the ARC welder for the first time then let me remind you that the app was initially launched back in September last year, but was mainly available for developers. However, it is also available for end users to download.  Now, if you want to run Android apps on Google Chrome here is how you can do it.

How to Run Android Apps and Games on Chrome with ARC Welder on Windows, Mac and Linux

1. You have to begin by downloading and installing the ARC welder. Install ARC welder extension from Google Chrome store. Do note that ARC welder requires you to have ARC Apps installed. If you don’t ARC Apps installed, then the ARC Welder will automatically download and install ARC apps on your PC.

2. After the installation process, you will see the app in Chrome App launcher. You can open it from Windows taskbar or Mac dock if you use Mac.

3. Now click on ARC Welder extension to open / run it.

4. Next, you have to create a folder for ARC welder where your apps will be stored.

ARC Welder Welcome


ARC Welder Create Folder


5. Next, download Android App apk that you want to run on Google Chrome.

You can read about how to download Android APK directly from Google Play Store.

6.  Now click on Add your APK and select the APK you want to run.

ARC Welder ADD apk

7.  Next select the orientation and from factor. Click Launch App to run the app.

That’s it. You should have your favorite app running on a separate window. ARC welder extension capable of running apps supported by Android 4.4 KitKat. Do note that, not all the app will work with ARC welder extension on Google Chrome as not all the apps are optimized to run on ARC welder.


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