How to Record GamePlay Videos on PlayStation 4


If you are one of those gamer, who wish to show off their gaming skills then you must know how to record gameplay videos. If you are on PC, you can make use of these best gameplay recording tools for PC. However, if you own a gaming console like PlayStation 4, here is how to record gameplay videos on PlayStation 4 easily.

Unlike, last gen consoles, the next Gen gaming consoles come with in-built gameplay recording feature. Additionally it also allows you to share the recorded videos directly from the consoles to streaming sites like YouTube.

So, if you own a PlayStation 4, you can make use of the inbuilt video recording feature of your console. However, there are few things, which you might want to know before you proceed with GamePlay recording.

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Sony PlayStation 4 allows you to record gameplay videos in 720p HD resolution only with a frame rate of 30fps. Another limitation is of time as it only allows you to record 15 minutes of videos.

How to Record GamePlay Videos on PlayStation 4

Step 1: Change Share Button Setting

Your PlayStation 4 console comes with two Share Button Control types namely Standard and Easy Screenshots. As the name indicates, Easy Screenshots is the most convenient share button control type to take screenshots and record gameplay  videos.


To change share control button type, press Share Button to bring up the Share Menu.  Select Share Settings from the right side bar of the screen. Under Share Settings section, select SHARE button Control Type (it is set to Standard by default).

Now you can see two Share Button Control Type.  Select Easy Screenshots from the option as it’s more convenient for taking screenshots.

Step 2:  Change Video Recording Duration (Optional)

PlayStation 4 also allows you to set the time duration for gameplay video recording from 1 minutes to 15 minutes max.

To change video recording duration, select share settings and then select Video Clip Settings. Next, select Length of Video Clip under Video Clip Settings. Now, you can see time duration option from 1 minute to 15 minutes. Choose any video recording duration.

Step 3: Record Gameplay Video on PlayStation 4

Now when you are ready to record your Gameplay video, double tap the share button and a notification pop up notifying that the Gameplay is being recorded. To save the gameplay video, go to Share Menu, select Save Video Clip by pressing the Square button.

That’s it. This is how you can record Gameplay videos on PlayStation 4 easily without any third-party tools.


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