How to Opt Out of New Adsense Performance Reporting


If you have logged in to your Adsense account recently then you might have noticed a new notification asking you to try out or opt in to the new Adsense reporting. In case you have opted in and want to opt out, here is how to opt out of new adsense performance reporting feature.

Opt Out of Adsense Reporting

How to Opt Out of New Adsense Performance Reporting

Opting Out of new Adsense performance reporting is easier than thought. If you have already opted in for the new feature, then you might have noticed a Opt Out and Feedback button at the bottom of  your Reports tab (bottom left).  Clicking on Opt Out & Feedback button will ask you to directly opt out or provide a feedback before opting out. You can choose any of these to opt out from this new feature. Here is how to the same in steps.

Step 1: If you already opted in for new Adsense reporting tab then click on Reports tab to open it.

Step 2: In Reports tab, look at the bottom of the current page. You should see a Opt Out & Feedback button.

Step 3: Click on Opt Out & Feedback button, select Opt out from the options.

Opt out and feedback

Step 4: Now you have two options Share feedback and Just opt out. If you don’t to share the feedback then simply click on Just opt out button.

That’s it. Now you will be successfully opted out from new adsense reporting performance tab. As soon as you opt out from the new report feature, you will see the old Performance reports tab. So if you are hesitating to try out the new adsense reporting tab, then go ahead as you can always revert the changes and opt out from it.



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