How to Force Close an Unresponsive Chrome Tab


Google’s Chrome browser is said to be one of the fastest browser around for Windows PC. However, one of the disadvantage of Google Chrome is that it is a resource hog and consume lots of memory which could result in unresponsive tabs. In such situations here is how you can force close an unresponsive tab in Google Chrome.

Most of the times what happens is that a tab become unresponsive for nothing, but usually crashes and allows the users to reload the tab to continue their work. However, sometimes the tab doesn’t crash, but becomes unresponsive completely without allowing any action or even reload. And when you try to close the tab, it doesn’t work as well and you might end up closing the window which will close all the open tabs.

A better alternative for this is forcing an unresponsive tab to close. To do this you can make use Chrome’s built-in Task Manager, which allows you to force close any tabs unresponsive or responsive. It pretty much work like the task manager you have used on your Windows PC.  Here is how you can make use of Task Manager in Chrome to force close any unresponsive tab without closing the whole window.

How to Force Close an Unresponsive Chrome Tab

To do this first you have to open the built-in Task Manager in Chrome. You can open the Chrome Task Manager by clicking on Menu icon (three horizontal bars) top right corner, click on More Tools and select Task Manage. Alternatively you can also open Task Manger on Chrome by pressing Shift + Esc on your keyboard.

The Chrome Task Manager will list all the tabs you have opened as separate process. Now select the unresponsive tab and click on End Processor to close the tab forcefully.

He's Dead Jim Chrome


After clicking on End Process you will notice that instead of closing the tab a He’s Dea Jim! message will appear showing that the chrome ran out of memory or the processor for the webpage was terminated.  You can either close the tab or click on reload button to reload the window again.


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