How to Change the Font of Any Website on Google Chrome


Spend lots of time reading news and guides on Internet? Don’t like different websites using different fonts? Or a particular website’s fonts? Well, here is how to change the fonts of any website in Google Chrome.

Web  masters try their best to have a responsive yet a beautifully designed website which can provide good reading experience to the readers. However, not everyone likes the default font of any website. Now what you can do about it? Well, if you are an Chrome users then you can change the font of a website by following the below given steps.

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How to Change the Font of Any Website on Google Chrome

Follow below given steps to know how to change the font of any website on Google Chrome.

1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC or Mac.

2. Click on Menu button (three horizontal bars) top right corner.

3. Select Settings from the context menu.


4. Now scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings. Again scroll down until you find Web Content section.

Web Content Settings for Chrome

5. Under Web content section, there are three options namely Font Size, Page Zoom and Customize fonts.

6. Click on Customize fonts to open it. Under fonts and Encoding section you can change the fonts.

Web Content Settings for Chrome change fonts

7. Once you have changed the fonts for required section, click on Done to save the settings.

That’s it folks! You have successfully changed the fonts in Google Chrome. However, do note that it’s recommended to select some commonly used fonts as every website might not support the font you have selected and may result in not so good reading experience.

In case you are facing any problem after changing the font or your selected font isn’t working properly on all the websites then do the following:

Chrome Encoding

Click on Google Chrome Menu button (three horizontal bars) and select More Tools. From more tools, select Encoding and select Auto-Detect.  This will make sure that Chrome auto-detects encoding resulting in better reading experience.


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