Fix Unknown Error Code 24 During Application Install in Android


Trying to Install an App or Game on your Android smartphone for the second time or trying to update an already installed app on your Android phone? Then you might have come across this “Unknown error code during application install 24” error. Here is a quick fix guide to solve “unknown error code 24 while installing Android apps”.

Before  we proceed with available fixes for “unknown error code 24 while installing Android apps”, lets see why this error occurs. The Unknown error code during application install 24 error usually occurs when you try to update an already installed App on your device without uninstalling it first. It can also occurs if you are trying to install an app for the second time after uninstalling it for the first time. Now to solve this problem, there are few methods through which you can get rid of unknown error code 24 while installing Android apps.

Method 1: Use Root File Handling App

The best fix for unknown error code 24 while installing Android apps problem is to use any Root file handling application. Your Android smartphone also comes with a default file manager, however most of them are not capable of accessing the root files of your device. For that reason, you have to make use of any third-party application like Root browser. Root browser is a file manager application and allows you to access root folders on your device. Here is how you can make use of Root Browser to fix Unknown error code 24 in Android.

1. Download and Install Root browser on your Android device. If the ask for any permission, allow it. If you already have any other application installed capable of doing same task, then proceed with step 2.

2. Now open SD card and locate /data folder.

3. Under data folder, there should be another folder named as /data, open it.

4. Now you should see all the files related to the Apps installed on your device. You have to locate the folder of the app that you are trying to update or install, but getting Unknown error code during application install 24 error.

5. Once you have located the folder for that app,  Delete the entire folder completely.

That’s it. Once you have deleted that folder related to your app,  try re-installing that app again from Google Play store and you should be able to install the app without any error.

Method 2: Install Android Apps Manually with APK

If the method didn’t work for you, then you can always install your apps using Android apks. Android APK is the system file required to install the Android apps on your smartphone. There are several ways to download Android APK. Download your apps APK, move it to your device and install it manually and see if this resolves unknown error code 24.

Method 3: Factory Reset your Device

If the above didn’t work for you, which should not happen. You can try resetting your Android device to get rid of this unknown error code 24  from your Android device. Resetting your device could fix this problem as well. However, before proceeding with factory reset of your device, take complete backup of your data as resetting your device will erase everything from your device.


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