Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube


Watch YouTube a lot? Here we have made the list of best and most useful YouTube Keyboard shortcuts to make things a bit easier.

There are several things you could do on YouTube using the Keyboard shortcuts, like pausing and playing the video with a press of space bar, skipping parts of a video, access tools options, Volume control, ability to change video quality, watch later, large player (full screen), exit full screen, go forward and backward etc. Find out the keyboard shortcuts for the above mentioned options.

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

1 . Skipping Parts of a Video Pressing Number Keys from 1-9

You can easily skip parts of a video which you don’t want to watch. This could be done using your number keys. Press 1 for skipping 10%, 2 for 20%, 3 for 30% and 9 for 90% of the video.

2. Use Tab Key to Select Tools Options 

The Tab key can allow you to select most of the options available on YouTube player. While playing a video. Press Tab key to highlight any option like selecting the Subtitle and press Space Bar to execute (enable / disable) it.

3. Press Space bar to Pause and Play Video 

If you want to pause any video then you can do this by pressing the Space bar. But, this may not work every time. If you press outside the player, then pressing the space bar will scroll down the page. However, you can use your space bar as Play and Pause button using the YouTube Pause Extension. Here is how you can use Space bar as Play / Pause button on YouTube.

4. Right – Left Arrow Key to Go Forward and Backward 

If you want to skip the 5 seconds of a video, you can press the right arrow key. Press the left arrow key to go 5 seconds backward.

5. Up and Down Arrow Key for Volume 

Press Up arrow key to increase the volume of your YouTube Player and press Down arrow key to decrease the Volume.

6. Play Full Screen

To open a video in full screen press F on your Keyboard. To exit the full screen press Esc key on your Keyboard.

7. Increase / Decrease Video Playing Speed

You can easily increase and decrease the video playing speed by simply pressing these combinations:

Increase Speed : Shit + >

Decrease Speed : Shift + < 

That’s it. These are the most useful Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube. Do you know of any other? Do let us know in the comments below.


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