How to Watch 3D SBS (Side by Side) Videos on VLC Player


Have problem in watching 3D SBS movies and videos on VLC Media Player? Here is how you can watch your 3D Movies on VLC Media Player.

One thing, which is common among most of the Windows users would be the VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player is one of the best media player for Windows PC as it can play any media formats without any problem. In case, a media file is not supported you can always find add on for it. Now if you have tried to play any 3D SBS movie or video using VLC Media Player, you might have had not so good experience because of divided frames. Now how to solve this? Well, here is a guide on how to play or watch 3D SBS videos on VLC Media Player.

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By default, whenever you try to play a 3D SBS movie the video will appear divided in to two frames (side by side) running the same contents. However, it doesn’t look any better than a blank screen. But, with the help of VLC Media Player’s advance feature you can merge the video in to a single frame and watch the movie in 3D using your glasses.

How to Watch 3D SBS (Side by Side) Videos on VLC Player

1. Open VLC Media Player on your PC.

2. Click on media and select Open file. Next, select the 3D SBS video you would like to play. 

3. Once it stated to play, pause it. 

4. Now, click on Tools (top) and select Effect and Filters from the options.


5.  Click on Video Effect tab, and select Advanced Tab.


6. At the bottom, select Anaglyph 3D and click on Close to save the setting.


That’s it. Now try to play the paused  3D SBS video and you should see two frames merged into a single frame. However, you still need a red/cyan glasses to watch your movies in 3D. 


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