How to Use Spacebar to Pause / Play Videos on YouTube (Shortcut)


YouTube supports keyboard shortcuts to make things easier than using your mouse for the same. The shortcuts do come in handy when you don’t want to use mouse or Touchpad  for everything. Now to make things even more handy, here is how you can make use of your Keyboards spacebar to play and pause YouTube videos.

By default, when you press the spacebar while watching a video on YouTube the page will be scrolled down. This comes in handy, if want to go through all the comments one by one. However, in case you are not much in to reading, then here is how you use spacebar to play and pause videos on YouTube. However, do note that to do this, you should have Chrome browser installed . If not, we are yet to find a workaround for other browsers.

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How to Use Spacebar to Pause / Play Videos on YouTube

To do this, we will be using a Chrome extension called, YouTube Pause. It is a simple yet a useful Chrome extension, which allows the users to use their spacebar to play and pause videos on YouTube. There is nothing much the extension can offer apart from an action like its name. Here is how you can use it. (Link for the extension could be found at the end of this post).

First get the YouTube Pause extension from Chrome store. Download and add the YouTube Pause extension to the Chrome browser.

Once installed / added the YouTube Pause extension, restart Chrome browser. . As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to use the extension if you don’t restart Chrome or Open new window as the necessary changes in settings won’t take place until and unless you restart the browser. Alternatively you can also open a new window to see this extension in action

Next thing is to open YouTube, browser through your favorite videos and play any of them. As soon as it starts to play, try pressing the spacebar on your keyboard. This should pause the currently playing video. You can resume the same by pressing the spacebar again.

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